Disability Resource Center

Our Philosophy

Our program is based on the philosophy of self-empowerment. We strive to provide a supportive atmosphere that encourages and promotes self-reliance. Our goal is to help you maximize your potential for academic success by coordinating your needs with the resources and support services available at Berkshire Community College. Although you may have a disability, you are expected to meet the same academic and behavioral standards as your non-disabled peers, but we will help you pave the way.

Consistent with our philosophy of self-empowerment, your participation in our program is entirely up to you. We trust that as a knowledgeable consumer, you’ll investigate what we have to offer and make an informed decision that is best for you. Whatever you choose, our services are completely confidential.

Our Services

We offer a variety of services to meet your individual needs. Some of the services we offer include:

  • Individual orientation to familiarize you with our campus
  • Pre-admission counseling to get you on track with the right programs and services
  • Assistance with registration to make sure you’re in the right class
  • Assistance in obtaining note takers or recording devices for class lectures
  • Help in acquiring your textbooks and course materials in alternative formats
  • Extended testing time and related accommodations
  • Sign language interpreter services
  • Adaptive computing and assistive technology
  • Liaison with faculty, campus offices and community agencies to help pave the way to college success

To receive services, you must contact us, provide documentation of your disability, and collaborate with us to develop an individualized academic accommodation plan. This plan will help ensure your academic success. 

Contact Us

Questions or concerns?

Pamela Farron, Coordinator
Susan B. Anthony Building, Room 121
Phone: 413-236-1608

Theresa Tooley, Clerk III
Susan B. Anthony Building, Room 118
Phone: 413-236-1614

Kathleen Timpane, Learning Specialist
Susan B. Anthony Building, Room 120
Phone: 413-236-1616

Office Hours

Monday - Friday
8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

Please visit the Disability Resource Center Blog for more information.