Welcome to Mentoring at BCC!

The Mentoring at BCC program offers you the chance to meet regularly with someone who will advise you in any number of ways — from professional development to support, advice and encouragement.

The Mentoring at BCC program is a great help on campus. It has been very beneficial with my learning and I have also made a new friend!

A recent BCC Mentee

As a student mentee at Berkshire Community College, you will:

  • Be connected to a mentor that will enhance your BCC experience
  • Create connections with others that have life experience in your career field
  • Connect with your mentor by phone, email and through online platforms
  • Understand the responsibilities of being enrolled in the mentor experience you choose
  • Attend additional events both in person and digitally as coordinated
  • Complete a mentoring evaluation form at the end of the school year
  • Choose from all available mentor options to match your success plan
  • Feel supported through our extended BCC community
  • Network with community members, faculty, staff and fellow students

Mentor Programs Available

Looking for someone to guide you through the next year? Consider enrolling into our mentoring program this year. With a variety of mentor options you will be able to have someone that is ready to help your needs and questions. From college success to life experience, our mentors have a variety of talents and past life history ready to connect with any BCC student. Be invited to networking events and much more. Sign up with this link to be connected to a mentor today.

OLLI Mentors

Learn about OLLI Mentors (PDF)

Looking for someone with life experience to guide you to your next step in making decisions within your own life? Our OLLI mentors can share their past history and support you on your next steps to success as important life coaches. Each mentor is carefully matched to the mentee and meaningful relationships are formed instantly through this program.

Academic Mentors

Need additional support to be sure you get off on the right foot academically or looking for a few words of advice from BCC Faculty and Staff? Sign up today to be matched with one of our very own BCC community members.

General Dynamics Mentors

General Dynamics Mission Systems is offering mentoring to BCC students to share their experience and knowledge in these key areas:

  • Career development and planning
  • Communications skills
  • Business acumen
  • Leadership development
  • Insight into transitioning to full-time employment

This is an opportunity to interface and network with industry professionals that can provide mentoring support for you throughout your educational career. An industry professional will be assigned based on your mentoring goals for virtual, direct one-on-one discussion.

TRIO Peer Mentors

Visit TRIO Peer Mentors

Let our TRIO staff and student support your questions about navigating college and your success as you complete your educational goals. Students will also receive special events to TRIO programs and events throughout the year.

Student Ambassadors

Students will guide you through the college process answering questions you might have along the way. Asking someone who has just been through it all is often helpful and comforting.

Request a Mentor Today

Currently we have a variety of mentor options designed to support your requests and needs. Please indicate which option(s) you are already interested in, or that you feel match your success plan