TRIO? What's That?

Talent, Resources, Initiative, Opportunity (TRIO) Student Support Services is a free federally funded program under the U.S. Department of Education, established to assist students from first-generation, low-income backgrounds, and students with disabilities to find college success.

Work, family responsibilities, and academic challenges may feel overwhelming at first. In TRIO, you will receive help to improve your grades, stay in school, transfer to a four-year college, receive your certificate or associate degree, or transition to your career.

As a TRIO Program member, you'll have the following opportunities:

  • Meet at least yearly with a TRIO advisor to clarify your goals and identify any supports you may wish to pursue.
  • Speak with your TRIO advisor at least monthly each semester to discuss how you are doing and consider any further needs or preferences you would like to address.
  • Attend at least two TRIO TALK workshops each semester, covering a range of topics with the freedom to choose he workshops you believe will benefit you the most.
  • Take advantage of at least one TRIO Cultural Event each semester — there will be many from which to choose. TRIO will cover the cost of admission for, and provide transportation to and from, these special extra-curricular activities for all members who wish to pursue them.

Need to Know More?

More information on application as well as the benefits belonging to the TRIO Program is available at:

TRIO Office and Learning Center
Field Administration, F-237

TRIO at a Glance (PDF)

TRIO at a Glance

  • Free Services Just for You

    The TRIO Center

    An inviting place to study, engage with your fellow TRIO members, and meet with staff. Individual and group spaces are completely refurnished with all new: computer work stations featuring a variety of useful software, large screen monitors, and office chairs; carrels with modern adjustable lighting; round and oblong tables with plenty of seating; and a wall-mounted flat screen TV for projecting visuals. Staff's comfortable private offices allow sensitive information to be shared while remaining strictly confidential.

    Supplemental Tutoring

    Individual and group tutoring is available in many subjects including math, writing, and communications (all are requirements for an associate degree), and can complement assistance you may receive from the Tutorial Center at BCC. You can schedule appointments that are convenient for you or come by for Drop-In sessions that take place every week.

    Help with Financial Aid

    TRIO provides assistance with completing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and scholarship application forms.

    Progress Reviews

    Regular examination of your Degree Audit with your TRIO advisor's assistance will help you stay on-track toward finishing your graduation requirements and putting yourself in a position to transfer having completed the maximum number of pre-requisites and course equivalencies accepted by the four-year program of your choice.

    Free Life Skills Workshops

    Our TRIO Talks also cover such topics as Minimizing Your Stress, Maintaining Healthy Relationships, Managing Your Finances, and Improving Your Credit Scores — along with many more.

    Letters of Reference

    TRIO staff gladly provide letters of reference for scholarship and transfer applicants who are active and well-known members of the program.

    Emergency Communication and Mediation

    We can help contact instructors and other campus community members when emergencies crop up, and we can act as mediators to help members resolve a variety of issues when they arise.

    Transfer Counseling Support

    To supplement the services provided by the BCC Transfer Counselor, TRIO offers students assistance in exploring options for transferring to four-year schools, including scheduled visits to area colleges and universities such as MCLA, UMASS, Westfield State University, Mt. Holyoke and Smith College.

    Career Counseling Assistance

    In addition to the services provided by the BCC Career Counselor, the TRIO program can help with choosing a major, searching for internships and jobs, and making decisions about the career path you may wish to follow.

    School Supplies and Office Equipment

    TRIO stocks items such as note cards, highlighters, pens, paper and folders for times when you run out; and implements such as staplers, electric pencil sharpeners, and an automatic hole punch are always on hand for you to use. Graphing calculators and digital recorders are available for loan, as well.

    Beverages and Snacks

    For when you need just a little something to hold you over or perk you up.

  • Who May Participate in TRIO?

    You may be eligible for Student Support Services if you meet one or more of the following criteria:

    • Neither parent graduated from a four-year college.
    • You meet federal income eligibility guidelines.
    • You have a documented learning or physical disability.

    All participating students must be either U.S. citizens or permanent residents as verified by application for Federal Financial Aid. Each student must be attending BCC to earn their first certificate or associate degree. Those with a bachelor's and/or advanced degree cannot be considered.

TRIO Without Walls

TRIO has implemented "TRIO Without Walls" as of Summer 2020 to provide students the same support they would receive on campus, but through a digital platform.

Visit TRIO's virtual office Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Use meeting ID: 926 1830 2506