Personal Enrichment Workshops

2024 Workshops

Access Statement: Berkshire Community College (BCC) values inclusion and equal access to its programs and activities and is committed to a climate of mutual respect and full participation. Our goal is to create learning environments that are usable, equitable, inclusive and welcoming. If you are an individual with a disability and require reasonable academic accommodations, you are advised to contact the Disability Resource Center (DRC) prior to the start of a course to discuss your accommodation needs and options. The DRC will work collaboratively with students with disabilities to develop effective accommodation plans. For accommodations, email


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Workshop Formats:

  • Online or in person
  • Range from two-hour to four-part workshops
  • Most are self-pay
Self defense class
  • Empowerment Self Defense

  • In this interactive three-part series, we’ll learn some key strategies and exercises utilizing the Empowerment Self Defense Model.
Voice over
  • Getting Paid to Talk: An Introduction to Professional Voice Over

  • From audio books to advertisements and beyond, we encounter recorded voices everywhere! In this one-night class, your instructor will take you behind-the-scenes in the voice over field for a fun and realistic look at how the voice over field really works.
Golf class
  • Introduction to Golf

  • Over the course of this program, you will learn everything from putting to taking your game to the golf course!
Kids workshop
  • Creative Kids Club

  • This club is designed to inspire elementary-aged kids to unleash their creativity through fun games, craft projects, culinary explorations (making our own lunches as a group), and outdoor fun.
Painting class
  • Botanical Illustration Painting

  • Learn to paint six beneficial botanicals while you discover their origins and uses in a mixed media presentation. For beginners plus.
Mindfulness workshop
  • Mindfulness Workshop

  • Register to attend a six-week workshop where participants will focus on mindful eating, communication, movement, breathing, work-life balance and mindful self-care.
  • Bartending and Mixology

  • Understand the fundamental principles of mixology, bar organization and equipment. Learn to properly prepare and serve mixed drinks, cocktails and wines. Review the legal ramifications of serving laws.