Massage Therapy (Certificate)

Students applying Massage Therapy skills in a class

Next class starting January 2023 — full-time day program. See below for details.

Massage Therapy Program

Massage Therapists work directly with people, enhancing wellbeing through skilled compassionate touch. Combining specific understanding of the role of relaxation in wellness and integrating specific knowledge of anatomy and physiology, massage therapists provide a supportive environment for clients of all ages.

People are attracted to the massage therapy profession for the individual client-care focus, flexible scheduling with part-time opportunities, and the potential for self-growth and life long learning.

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Judy Gawron, Program Advisor


The Massage Therapy Certificate program prepares students to become Massachusetts state licensed Massage Therapists with the skills and knowledge to provide effective relaxation and wellness massage.

Students develop the professional communication and behavior; the proficient draping skills to promote client modesty; and the skilled and compassionate touch expected of entry-level massage therapists. In addition, students apply the knowledge of anatomy, physiology, and pathology to provide safe and effective client-centered massage therapy sessions.

Graduates are prepared to enter various settings such as spa, franchise clinics, fitness centers, medical/wellness offices, and on-site for workplaces and client's homes.

Find the Massage Therapy Matriculation form on the Catalog page under Admissions Requirements.

Reduced Tuition Opportunities

Campus to Career Workforce Training. Grant funded with with stipends for no and low cost leearning.

Contact Community Education and Workforce Development for more information at 413-236-2122 or

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  • Job Growth and Wages

    Employment of massage therapists is projected to grow 32% from 2020 – 2030, much faster than average for all occupations. Massachusetts is one of the top five paying states for massage therapists with the mean wage of $69,790 per year (U.S. Department of Labor — Bureau of Labor Statistics).

  • Job Titles
    • Licensed Massage Therapist
  • Local Employers
    • Miraval Resort
    • Kripalu
    • Canyon Ranch
    • Elle Day Spa
    • Lotus Day Spa
    • Blantyre
  • Employment
    • About half of massage therapists work part-time
    • Self-employed workers 35%
    • Personal care services 33%
    • Offices of all other health practitioners 11%
    • Offices of chiropractors 8%
    • Accommodation (travel to client homes) 6%

    Source: U.S. Department of Labor — Bureau of Labor Statistics

Massage Therapy Block Schedule

  • Spring 2023
    • MBW 110 Therapeutic Massage
    • AHS 131 Anatomy of Human Movement System
    • BIO 150 Introduction to the Human Body
    • AHS 101 Introduction to Complementary and Integrative Health
  • Summer 2023
    • MBW 128 Therapeutic Massage Practicum I
  • Fall 2023
    • AHS 115 Fundamentals of Human Disease
    • AHS 162 Form and Function of the Human Body
    • MBW 120 Therapeutic Massage II
    • MBW 129 Therapeutic Massage Practicum II
    • MBW 131 Therapeutic Massage Seminar

Everyone involved in the BCC massage therapy program is so experienced, knowledgeable and helpful. You learn something new every day. Not just about massage therapy but about yourself. I left the program feeling completely prepared to start my new profession. It gave me more confidence as an individual and I look forward going into work now. Every day is exciting.

Ned Torrico, Class 2019