Massage Therapy (Certificate)

BCC massage therapy students

Massage Therapy Program

January 2024 – May 2025: Current part-time evening and Saturday program (see block schedule below).

Next Class: begins January 2025! This class will be a full-time day program (see block schedule below).

Program Overview

Massage Therapists work directly with people, enhancing wellbeing through skilled compassionate touch. By combining specific understanding of the role of relaxation in wellness and integrating specific knowledge of anatomy and physiology, massage therapists provide a supportive environment for clients of all ages.

People are attracted to the massage therapy profession for the individual client-care focus, flexible scheduling with part-time opportunities, and the potential for self-growth and life long learning.

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Judy Gawron, Program Advisor


Sean Reagan, One Stop Advisor


The Massage Therapy Certificate program prepares students to become Massachusetts state licensed Massage Therapists with the skills and knowledge to provide effective relaxation and wellness massage.

Students develop the professional communication and behavior; the proficient draping skills to promote client modesty; and the skilled and compassionate touch expected of entry-level massage therapists. In addition, students apply the knowledge of anatomy, physiology, and pathology to provide safe and effective client-centered massage therapy sessions.

Graduates are prepared to enter various settings such as spa, franchise clinics, fitness centers, medical/wellness offices, and on-site for workplaces and client's homes.

  • Program Learning Outcomes

    By the end of successfully completing the Massage Therapy Program, students are expected to:

    1. Perform and adapt competent, safe, and effective, full body massage for a variety of clients with specific indications and precautions.
    2. Demonstrate critical thinking skills to integrate the knowledge of anatomy, physiology, pathophysiology, and kinesiology sciences with the client-centered massage.
    3. Maintain professional and client-centered communication throughout academic and clinical/practicum experiences
    4. Demonstrate a practical working knowledge of state and professional legal and ethical standards with a clear focus on the health and welfare of the client, practitioner, and massage therapy profession.
    5. Demonstrate a personal self-care plan to allow for career fulfillment and longevity.


Choose Associate Degree Health Science-Pre-Massage option when applying on-line (students remain in this Pre-Massage Program until matriculation requirements are met). Once the matriculation requirements have been met, applicants then move to the Certificate-Massage Therapy Program

Download the Massage Therapy Matriculation form (PDF)

  • Immunization Requirements

    Students entering the BCC massage therapy program are required to follow the immunization policy for BCC health students. Students must submit proof of compliance with immunizations by December 1st (for the January massage therapy program)

    BCC Immunization and Verification of Student Health Forms

    Massage Therapy Program Health and Immunization Policy (PDF)

  • Immunization Update

    Immunization Update

    As of December 18, 2023: due to clinical site changes, the Massage Therapy Program does not require Tb testing, and Covid and flu vaccinations. See the chart below for updated requirements. BCC Immunization policy is developed according to Massachusetts Department of Public Health (MDPH) Immunization Program 2023-2024 School Year and per requirements of clinical sites. If there are changes to MDPH or clinical immunization requirements, the program will follow those changes. Please feel welcome to contact Sue Smith or Judy Gawron with any questions.

    Spring Program Starting January 2025: Immunization and Health Verification are due December 1st, 2024. In order to attend classes, proof of compliance is due before the start of classes.

    Fall Program (or starting coursework fall semester): due date is August 1st


    T-dap vaccination within 10 years (and every 10 years)

    Hepatitis B

    3 doses or positive titer that demonstrates immunity (if immunity is not seen, complete 3 series dose, or 2 series dose of Heplisav-B, or declination may be signed)

    *3-dose series takes up to 6-months to complete


    2 doses or positive titer that demonstrates immunity (if immunity is not seen, complete 2 series dose of MMR)


    2 doses; a reliable history of chickenpox* or positive titer that demonstrates immunity (if immunity is not seen, complete 2 series dose of varicella vaccine)

    *A reliable history of chickenpox includes a diagnosis of chickenpox, or interpretation of parent/guardian description of chickenpox, by a physician, nurse practitioner, physician assistant, or designee.


    1 dose; 1 dose MenACWY (formerly MCV4) required for all full-time students 21 years of age or younger. The dose of MenACWY vaccine must have been received on or after the student's 16th birthday. Doses received at younger ages do not count towards this requirement. Students may decline MenACWY vaccine after they have read and signed the MDPH Meningococcal Information and Waiver Form provided by their institution. Meningococcal B vaccine is not required and does not meet this requirement

    *Please Note: In addition to immunization requirements, The Verification of Student Health History and Physical Exam form is required to be completed by the student's health care provider*

    Submit requirements to the Nursing Immunization and Medical Records Office located in the Hawthorne building, office #323, Berkshire Community College Main Campus.

    Telephone: 413-236-4609; Fax: 800-724-9943;

    Updates: 12/18/2023

Learn More

  • Free Community College for Eligible Residents
  • Job Growth and Wages

    Employment of massage therapists is projected to grow 18% from 2022 – 2032, much faster than average for all occupations. Massachusetts mean wage for massage therapists with an annual mean wage of $66,990 (U.S. Department of Labor — Bureau of Labor Statistics).

  • Job Titles
    • Licensed Massage Therapist
  • Local Employers of Massage Therapists
    • Miraval Resort
    • Kripalu
    • Canyon Ranch
    • Elle Day Spa
    • Blu Salon
  • Employment
    • About half of massage therapists work part-time
    • Self-employed workers 35%
    • Personal care services 33%
    • Offices of all other health practitioners 12%
    • Offices of chiropractors 7%
    • Accommodation (travel to client homes) 6%

    Source: U.S. Department of Labor — Bureau of Labor Statistics

  • Good Moral Character

    Massachusetts Massage Therapy Licensure Requirements: please be aware that all massage therapy student applicants must undergo a background check by the Board of Registration of Massage Therapy as part of licensure application process. Please read the information below:

    Massachusetts Board of Registration of Massage Therapy Policy Bulletin Regarding Applicants With Criminal Convictions Or Pending Criminal Charges:

    • This policy describes the type of convictions that disqualify an applicant from licensure as a massage therapist under the licensing laws and Board regulations, and the type of convictions that may result in a denial of an application for licensure for failure to satisfy the good moral character requirement. Bulletin: Applicant with Criminal Convictions or Charges
  • Student Health Insurance

    Health Insurance charges are charged to all students enrolled in 9 or more credits in a degree or certificate program.

    Information about accident and medical insurance, including a student health insurance waiver form is available online at

  • Community Events

    There are numerous opportunities for students to volunteer while as a student and as an alum of the massage therapy program. Faculty volunteer too, as students are accompanied by BCC massage therapy faculty at each event. For spotlight of events go to News and Events 2023.

    • Post marathon massage for the Dana Farber team at the Boston Marathon
    • Chair Massage at
      • BCC Wellness Day
      • Kimball Farm Wellness Fair
      • Pittsfield Third Thursday
      • Jacob's Pillow Staff
    Massage therapy students giving massages
  • Student Massage Clinic

    Summer 2024

    Dates and Times

    June 4-July 20, 2024

    To schedule a session


    phone: 413-236-4606

    Tuesdays Saturdays

    5:00-6:00pm 10:00-11:00am

    6:15-7:15pm 11:15-12:15pm

    What to Bring

    Bring 1 set of linens (twin or full-size — 1 flat, 1 fitted, 1 pillowcase)

    What if I forget? To cover the cost of laundering, please pay $5


    Hawthorne 302 (Massage Therapy Lab) — 3rd level /purple hallway

    Parking: North Lot (main entrance, stay straight and woods/forest will be on your right — there are multiple large parking lots)

    Handicapped parking: along the back of Hawthorne

    Hawthorne Building Entrance (follow the signs)

    What is the Student Massage Clinic?

    The student massage clinic is a required and very important component for the BCC massage therapy students. This is where they apply the skills learned in lab and the classroom to 'real' people — you, the BCC and Berkshire community!

    You'll receive a Swedish-style relaxation massage. Your student massage therapist will check for any areas that you wish to focus on within the session and any areas to avoid.

    Swedish-Relaxation massage ranges from light to moderate/firm. Deep pressure for specific areas may also be included. Students adjust pressure to the level that enhances your relaxation, and they will check in with you during the session

    Lightweight oil is used during the session. If you have sensitivity or allergies, please let your student massage therapist know

    There is no charge for receiving a massage (a $35-$45 value)

    If you are able, the suggested donation of $25 will go toward additional student learning opportunities and programming.

    What to Expect

    When you arrive, your student massage therapist will have you complete, then review with you, a health history form and your expectations for the massage. From this the student massage therapist will explain the flow of the massage, level of pressure, and techniques they will use.

    When you disrobe and get on the massage table, a full curtain is drawn for your privacy, and you'll place yourself under the sheets, lying face-up or face-down.

    During the massage session the curtain will be open so that the massage therapy faculty (licensed massage therapist) can provide student feedback during the massage. You are draped throughout the massage with only the area being massaged uncovered

    Your comfort is important, and your student massage therapist will check-in during the massage — please let them know when you would prefer adjustment in position or pressure

    When you get off the table to dress, the curtain, again, will be drawn for your privacy.

    After the massage you will support student learning by completing a form to provide feedback of your experience.

    Students may ask for feedback on specific aspects of the massage session. Your constructive feedback is truly helpful to them!


    Please feel welcome to email or call 413-236-4606

Massage Therapy Block Schedules

  • Current Part-Time Evening and Saturday Program 2024-2025

    Spring 2024

    • AHS-131 Anatomy of Human Movement
    • MBW-110 Therapeutic Massage I

    Summer 2024

    • MBW-128 Therapeutic Massage Practicum Experience I

    Fall 2024

    • AHS-162 Form and Function of the Human Body
    • BIO-150 Introduction to the Human Body
    • MBW-120 Therapeutic Massage II

    Spring 2025

    • AHS-101 Introduction to Complementary and Integrative Health
    • AHS-115 Fundamentals of Human Disease
    • MBW-129 Therapeutic Massage Practicum Experience II
    • MBW-131 Therapeutic Massage Seminar
  • January 2025-December 2025 Day Program

    Spring 2025

    • AHS-101 Introduction to Complementary and Integrative Health
    • AHS-131 Anatomy of Human Movement
    • BIO-150 Introduction to the Human Body
    • MBW-110 Therapeutic Massage I

    Summer 2025

    • MBW-128 Therapeutic Massage Practicum Experience I

    Fall 2025

    • AHS-115 Fundamentals of Human Disease
    • AHS-162 Form and Function of the Human Body
    • MBW-120 Therapeutic Massage II
    • MBW-129 Therapeutic Massage Practicum Experience II
    • MBW-131 Therapeutic Massage Seminar
Everyone involved in the BCC massage therapy program is so experienced, knowledgeable and helpful. You learn something new every day. Not just about massage therapy but about yourself. I left the program feeling completely prepared to start my new profession. It gave me more confidence as an individual and I look forward going into work now. Every day is exciting.

Ned Torrico, Class 2019