BCC Alumni Around the World


We are hoping to connect our BCC Alumni Around the World!

Check in from any place on the globe that you call your home at this point in time. We know that most of our alumni are staying in the Berkshires — but not all of them! We are asking alumni — near and far — in the Berkshires, the U.S. and beyond — to check in through the form below and add your virtual alumni pin to our interactive map of BCC Alumni Around the World.

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To travel hopefully is a better thing than to arrive.

Robert Louis Stephenson

Share the link with other BCC Alumni no matter where they moved since you last saw them and let us connect our Alumni from the last 60 years in the Berkshires and around the world.

Together we are #BCCSTRONG and we're staying connected no matter how far the physical distance between us might be!

Get Involved!

If you'd like your location to be included in #BCCAroundTheWorld, please fill out the form below to tell us where you've been or where you are, and we'll get it added to the map (Note that we will NOT share your personal information, only the name of the city/state/location you provide).

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If you had a different name when you were here, please let us know!

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