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Governance Council

Governance Council Members

Amy Echevarria ADJ
Ken Newberry


Abby Powers AFSCME 
Nell McCabe


Melody Fischer FT FAC 
Ann Stevens NonUnit 
Alzie Mercado NonUnit 
Celia Norcross NonUnit - PC
Christian Tenczar Unit 
Karen Carreras-Hubbard Unit
Monica Bliss Student
Ellen Kennedy President

Council Meetings

  • Meetings
    All meetings are at 2pm and via Zoom for Spring 2022

    Feb 24

    March 31

    April 28

    May 26

  • Agenda & Minutes
    Agenda for May 26, 2022

    Welcome and Call to Order

    Review April Minutes

    Review and Discuss Submitted Propoals

        • Meeting Schedule and Agenda Postings (Revised)

    Old Business

        • Discover Books Proposal (pending more info)
        • HR Guide to Filling Vacancies (update)

    New Business

        • Pilot Review: Feedback and Next Steps