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Student Affairs Subcommittee

Student Affairs Subcommittee Members

Paul Johansen ADJ
Norah Beauregard


Charles Prescott FT FAC
Ellis Richardson Non Unit
Karen Hines NonUnit - PC
Tina Schettini Unit 
Mariangel Dus (Co-Facilitator) Student
Monica Bliss Student Trustee
Adam Klepetar (Ex Officio and Co-Facilitator) Vice President of Student Affairs
Christina Wynn (Ex Officio) Dean of Enrollment
Celia Norcross (Ex Officio) Dean of Students


  • Meetings
    All meetings at 2pm and via Zoom for Spring 2022

    Feb 14


    April 11

    May 16

  • Agenda & Minutes
    May 16, 2022  - Meeting Canceled