3D printer at BCC

Manufacturing Training Program

Learn foundational manufacturing skills in this introductory program, and join with a team to design and build something new. Develop a unique prototype together using advanced technologies as well as some familiar and common tools.

Manufacturing training prepares participants for employment in the high opportunity, high growth field of Advanced Manufacturing.

After completing this program, individuals earn the SME Certified Manufacturing Associate (CMfgA). For those looking to advance their education further, Berkshire Community College (BCC) offers an Advanced Manufacturing Technician Certificate and associate degrees in either.

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Manufacturing Technician Certificate and associate degrees in either Mechatronics or Engineering are potential next steps! Contact us to request information about our certificate and degree programs.

Make It at BCC!

In collaboration with other area organizations — the Berkshire Innovation Center, MassHire Berkshire Career Center and local employers — we are actively looking for ways to introduce and support skill-building that advances careers. According to 1Berkshire's Berkshire Blueprint, manufacturing has perhaps the highest value added for our region's economy. The value in this case means that for each manufacturing job created, 4.8 other related jobs are added. Technology, making and manufacturing have come together in ways that are inspiring — and these connections are reshaping our job sites and the type, range and number of positions offered in industry.

Manufacturing has changed tremendously over the past decade. Working with computers to design and fabricate products has become a hot area for creative makers and hands-on learners looking for growth and opportunity.

Currently the average age of manufacturing workers is 54. As employees retire, and as new companies continue to develop here in the Berkshires, the opportunities for growth in small-batch making, advanced manufacturing techniques, technology and computer-assisted design are strong.

Student with 3D printer