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Workforce Development: Advanced Manufacturing

Workforce Development: Advanced Manufacturing

Focusing on the Berkshires' advanced manufacturing sector

According to the 1Berkshire Berkshire Blueprint manufacturing has the highest value added to the regional economy with a gross regional product of $917M. Additionally it also has a strong job multiplier of 4.8 to 1, meaning that for each manufacturing job created 4.8 related jobs are created. One way this is possible is with supporting local supply chains created by manufacturing needs. 


Paul Mattingly, Director of Workforce Development: Advanced Manufacturing

Director of Workforce Development - Advanced Manufacturing
(413) 236-2121

With the average age of manufacturing workers at 54, the replacement need will be 45% in the next 3-5 years. Manufacturing has had a growth of 3.3% since 2010 but there will be a large gap in workforce resulting from many people retiring creating a greater opportunity for growth. 

In collaboration with area organizations such as the Berkshire Innovation Center, MassHire Berkshire Career Center, and others we are constantly looking for new ways to improve the skills of people to help with their career opportunities. In addition to working with area organizations we are also available to assist companies who are looking to upskill employees on new or emerging technologies.  


My name is Paul Mattingly and I am the Director of Workforce Development: Advanced Manufacturing. I came to Berkshire Community College in the spring of 2020 after spending 13 years in various roles within the manufacturing and specialty metals distribution fields. I bring a passion for manufacturing to the college along with the belief that manufacturing can provide a fulfilling and long-lasting career. We look to support students and companies in helping to strengthen the manufacturing workforce of the region.  

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