Community Education & Workforce Development

Community Education and Workforce Development


We are committed to high-quality workforce development opportunities in health care, community health, and human services. Our programs are based on expertise, connections with local employers, and flexibility in responding to the needs of the local community. We foster lifelong learning through innovative training that helps develop much needed skills, launch and grow careers, advance professional education, and build educational pathways.  

Elena Nuciforo, Director of Workforce Development - Healthcare

Elena Nuciforo oversees development, implementation, and evaluation of workforce development programs in health care, community health, and human services. She is actively involved in building and expanding community partnerships between BCC and other organizations. Elena Nuciforo is involved in an ongoing research initiative that explores training community health workers through experiential learning. She also teaches as an adjunct professor at Tufts School of Medicine and at UMass School of Public Health and Health Sciences. She has her Doctorate degree in communication and her Master of Education degrees from UMass Amherst and a higher education diploma in teaching English from Buryat State University in Russia.   Elena Nuciforo Portrait