Computer Information Systems (CIS)

CIS Programs at BCC

In Berkshire Community College's (BCC) CIS programs, you'll learn how to design, develop, manage and maintain sophisticated technologies that are used everywhere — from local to global organizations. Learn about CIS program options for Business Systems, Computer Science, Networking and Cybersecurity, and Programming.

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Business Systems (A.S.)

This program provides the skills and knowledge to transfer for further study, or to pursue a career in a business environment.

Business Systems

Computer Science (A.S.)

The Computer Science option gives the student a technical understanding of computer systems.

Computer Science

Networking and Cybersecurity (A.S.)

This option teaches a technical understanding of computer systems and computer networking and cybersecurity.

Networking and Cybersecurity

Networking (Certificate)

The Networking Certificate option is designed to provide a foundation set of skills to begin a successful career in computer networking.


Programming – Business (Certificate)

BCC's certificate program emphasizes the C++ programming language, as well as some basic business, math and science courses.

Programming – Business

Programming – Technical (Certificate)

The Technical option emphasizes C++ and web programming languages, as well as some general education courses.

Programming – Technical

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Testimonial: Jeremy Patterson, Networking

It's not that I'm super-smart, I just work really hard. There were many nights were I was up until 3 a.m. working on programming code – C++ and Java. I really needed to work at it. But, because of all our hard work, my wife and I purchased our first home last April and now our kids will never have to worry about moving again.

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