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Criminal Justice (A.S.)

The Criminal Justice program offers students opportunities for career preparation in criminal justice agencies as well as for transfer to various bachelor's degree programs.

Criminal Justice Program

Law Enforcement (Certificate)

This certificate combines specialized criminal justice and general education coursework. Learn more.

Law Enforcement

Some of the best moments of my Undergraduate career took place at Berkshire Community College. While there, I was enrolled as a Criminal Justice major which inspired me to journey down a path that has lead me to Western New England School of Law. The classes that I took at BCC more than prepared me for my time at Westfield State University. Professor Bucknell and Professor Kemp provided me with some of the most practical advice I had ever received which helped me get to where I am now. I took every class offered within my major at my time at BCC. What I learned during those classes I still use in law school and at my job as a law clerk.

Stephen Hunt, Class of 2019

Stephen Hunt