Early Childhood Education (A.S.)

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Early Childhood Education (A.S.) Program Overview

The A.S. in Early Childhood Education is a "career degree" meeting the needs of teachers in the field seeking an associate degree as a terminal degree. This option, with more required courses directly relevant to the care and teaching of young children and relating to working with families, provides training for those early childhood educators who choose to remain in the field at an associate degree level. Early Childhood Education (ECE) courses align with MADOEEC and NAEYC standards.

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Patricia Kay, M.Ed., Program Advisor

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  • Expected Outcomes

    Graduates of this program should be able to:

    • Demonstrate understanding of significant theories of child development and their practical implementation in child care settings;
    • Develop practical skills in guiding and interacting with youth from studying various program models;
    • Understand diverse family structures and use culturally competent practices to support and communicate with children and families;
    • Ensure children’s safety, promote health practices and recognize and respond to abuse and neglect;
    • Recognize characteristics of high-quality environments and developmentally appropriate curriculum; and
    • Understand the goals, benefits and uses of observation and assessment in early childhood.