Introductory Certificate

Program Advisor: Patricia Kay

The Introductory Early Childhood Education certificate is the first step in a career ladder leading to greater qualifications for work with young children. With the experience provided in the practicum (ECE 123), those completing this certificate will be ready to apply for teacher qualification through the Office for Child Care Services. The required ECE courses will be offered in the evening, in rotation.


To earn a certificate in this program, a student must complete all program credits and the additional requirements shown below.

Program   16 Credits
ECE 101 Early Childhood Growth/Development 3
ECE 104  Intro to Early Childhood Ed. 3
ECE 123 Early Childhood Ed. Practicum I 3
ECE 124 Early Childhood Ed. Seminar I  1
ENG 101 Composition I 3
PSY 107 Introductory Psychology 3
As Shown
Demonstrated college-level skills in reading and writing  
Minimum Cumulative Averages Overall: 2.000

Area of Specialization: All Required ECE Courses



The following is a suggestion for completing this program in two years. The actual time to complete the program may vary according to each student's individual needs.

ECE 101 Early Childhood Growth and Development
ECE 104  Intro. to ECE
ECE 123 Practicum in Early Childhood Education
ECE 124 Seminar in Early Childhood Education
ENG 101 Composition l
PSY 107 Introductory Psychology

NOTES: Any prior criminal offense could hinder placement in clinical agencies. See Criminal Offender Record Information Checks.

For information about typical program costs, student loan debt, graduation rates, and jobs associated with this program, read the Gainful Employment Disclosure