Elementary Education Liberal Arts-Associate in Arts

Program Advisor: Patty Kay, 413-236-4626

The Elementary Education concentration in the Liberal Arts degree program meets the Massachusetts Transfer Compact and provides a strong liberal arts foundation for students continuing on to a bachelor's degree and the Elementary Education Teachers License.

The program offers a comprehensive sequence of lower-level arts and sciences courses with an English and Psychology emphasis, designed to provide aspiring school teachers with the knowledge required for effective teaching at the elementary school level.

This is a MassTransfer eligible program.


Graduates of this program should be able to:

  • demonstrate a knowledge of major theories and approaches in education;
  • demonstrate a personal philosophy of education based on their own beliefs and values;
  • demonstrate a knowledge of the historical background of major educational theories and of the major historical events that have influenced American education;
  • identify and evaluate the political and sociological forces present in major educational principles and developments;
  • demonstrate a basic competency in general educational subjects with special emphasis on English and Psychology.

To earn a degree in this program, a student must complete the 62 program and general education credits, as well as the additional requirements, shown below.

Program   27 Credits
EDU 105  Foundations of Education 3
ENG 205  Children’s Literature     3
ENG Literature (see footnote 1) 3
GEO 125  World Geography   3
MAT 113  Survey of College of Mathematics 3
PSY 107 Introductory Psychology 3
PSY 204 Human Growth & Development 3
 Free Electives   6
General Education 35 Credits
COM  Communication 3
ECO  Economics  3
ENG  English Composition/Writing 6
GOV  Government (see footnote 2) 3
HIS History (see footnote 5)    3
HIS 117  United States History to 1877  3
 Mathematics       3
 Environmental Studies(see footnote 3)  1
Humanities and Fine Arts (see footnote 4) 3
Natural and Physical Science (see footnote 3)                                        7
As Shown
Core Competencies Portfolio 4 items
Forum (units) 4 units
Health/Fitness 30 hours
Minimum Cumulative Averages Overall: 2.000


The following is a suggestion for completing this program in two years. The actual time to complete the program may vary according to each student's individual needs.     

First Semester 16 Credits
EDU 105  Foundations of Education 3
ENG  English Composition/Writing 3
Natural Science (see footnote 3)         4
PSY 107 Introductory Psychology 3
HIS History (see footnote 5 3
Second Semester 15 Credits 
PSY 204  Human Growth & Development   3
COM Communication 3
ENG  English Composition/Writing 3
MAT 113  Survey of College Mathematics 3
GOV  Government (see footnote 2) 3
Third Semester
18 Credits  
ENG 205  Children's Literature     3
GEO 125   World Geography 3
 HIS 117  United States History to 1877 3
ECO  Economics   3
Mathematics 3
Physical Science (see footnote 3)     3
Fourth Semester 16 Credits
HIS 117            United States History to 1877  3
 ENG  Literature (see footnote 1) 3
Environmental Studies (see footnote 3) 1
Humanities and Fine Arts (see footnote 4 3
Free Electives   6


1. ENG 215, Introduction to Literature, is recommended.
2. GOV 105 is recommended.
3.  Natural Science selected from BIO 101, 102, 111, 112 or 180; or ENV 101, 102 or 121. Physical Science selected from  BIO 109 or 110; CHM 101, ENV 148, PHY 101 or ATM 126. The requirement must be fulfilled by taking one four credit laboratory science and one three credit non-laboratory science or by tow four credit laboratory sciences. Completion of an environmentally focused laboratory science, such as BIO 109 or 110, or ENV 101 or 102 also fulfills the environmental studies requirement.
4. Must have prefix FAS, MUS, THR.
5. Chose from HIS 113, 114, 121 or 122.