Psychology Concentration (A.A.)

Psychology Concentration Program Overview

The Liberal Arts Psychology concentration closely parallels freshman and sophomore studies at colleges offering liberal arts baccalaureate degrees in psychology. Graduates of this concentration will transfer with junior status to four-year colleges and universities, and in most cases will be able to complete their baccalaureate degrees there in two years.

BCC's Psychology Concentration is a MassTransfer eligible program

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Dr. Wayne Klug, Program Advisor

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  • Expected Outcomes

    Graduates of this program should be able to:

    • Demonstrate a knowledge base in psychology by describing key concepts, principles and themes, and gain a working knowledge of content in the abnormal, developmental, biological and social domains;
    • Demonstrate familiarity with scientific inquiry and critical thinking by using scientific reasoning to interpret psychological phenomena, and by gaining a working knowledge of research methods in psychology;
    • Demonstrate awareness of ethical and social responsibility by applying ethical standards to evaluate psychological science and practice, and by adopting values that build community at local, national and global levels; and
    • Demonstrate communication proficiency through effective writing and presentation skills for different purposes, and through effective interaction with others.