Liberal Arts A.A. Degree

Program Advisor: Matt Muller, 413-236-4584

The Liberal Arts program closely parallels the studies of freshmen and sophomores at colleges offering liberal arts baccalaureate degrees.Graduates of this program regularly transfer with junior status and have gone to some of the most prestigious colleges in the country.

This program is suited to students who are not yet certain of their future majors, as it allows them to make academic and career decisions after taking a wide sampling of courses. The program's flexibility also permits   students who have already chosen a transfer college to select courses which fit the transfer requirements of their future institutions.

Through BCC's system of academic advising, "pre-majors," such as education, history and psychology, may be pursued by careful course selection.

Related majors at the baccalaureate level: anthropology, area  studies, behavioral and social sciences, communications, economics, education, English, foreign languages, general studies, liberal arts,  geography, geology, history, linguistics, mathematics, media, music, nursing, peace studies, philosophy, physical  education, physics, psychology, radio and television, science, and theatre arts.

This is a MassTransfer eligible program.

Expected Outcomes

Graduates of this program should be able to demonstrate competency as measured by the BCC general education core competencies.  



To earn a degree in this program, a student must complete the 62 program and general education credits, plus the additional requirements, shown below.  

Program   27 Credits
ENG Literature 6
Free Electives 21
General Education 35 Credits
COM Communication 3
ENG English Composition/Writing 6
ENG  Literature 3
HIS 113 Western Civilization to 1500 3
HIS 114 Western Civilization since 1500 3
MAT Mathematics 3
Behavioral and Social Science 6
Environmental Studies (see footnote 1) 1
Humanities and Fine Arts 3
Natural or Physical Science (see footnote 1) 7

Additional As Shown
Core Competencies Portfolio 4 items
Forum 4 Units
Health/Fitness (see footnote 3) 30 Hours Minimum
Minimum Cumulative Average 2.000
The following is a suggestion for completing this program in two years. The actual time needed to complete the program will vary according to  each student's individual needs.
First Semester 16 Credits
Free Elective 3
ENG English Composition/Writing 3
HIS 113 Western Civilization to 1500 3
MAT Mathematics 3
Natural or Physical Science (see footnote 1) 4
Second Semester 16 Credits
Free Electives 6
ENG  English Composition/Writing 3
HIS 114  Western Civilization Since 1500 3
Environmental Studies (see footnote 1 1
Natural or Physical Science (see footnote 1) 3
Third Semester 15 Credits
ENG Literature 3
Free Elective 3
COM Communication 3
Behavioral and Social Science 3
Humanities and Fine Arts 3
Fourth Semester 15 Credits
ENG Literature 3
Free Electives 9
Behavioral and Social Science 3

1.  The Natural or Physical Science requirement must be fulfilled by one four-credit laboratory science and one three-credit non-laboratory science or by two four-credit laboratory sciences. Completion of an environmentally focused laboratory science, such as BIO 109, BIO 110, ENV 101, ENV 102, fulfills both the Natural or Physical Science and the Environmental Studies requirements.