Sociology Concentration (A.A.)

Sociology Concentration Program Overview

Sociology examines the behavior of human beings as part of a society. This means that the topics can range from how people learn to be part of a society to how a basketball team operates in the world to why some societies have more crime than others. It involves careful and deep critical analysis of social processes applicable to a wide range of interests and subjects.

The major in sociology at the baccalaureate level serves as preparation for a wide variety of careers including teaching, social and health services, urban and environmental studies, law, government service, marketing, advocacy, and related occupations.

The sociology concentration is structured to permit students to explore a number of areas in sociology. It closely parallels freshman, and sophomore studies at colleges offering liberal arts baccalaureate, degrees in sociology. It prepares students for admission to a university-level Bachelor of Arts program with a major in sociology, as well as a variety of social science fields.

BCC's Sociology Concentration is a MassTransfer eligible program

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  • Expected Outcomes

    Graduates of this program should be able to:

    • Explain the different perspectives and concepts of Sociology;
    • Apply the concepts to social institutions and social issues embedded within diverse cultural, local, and global concepts;
    • Evaluate, compare, contrast, and critique various theoretical perspectives;
    • Analyze complex current issues using these theoretical perspectives and the basic concepts of sociology;
    • Demonstrate an understanding of both qualitative and quantitative research methods and the role of evidence; and
    • Apply sociological knowledge to real world questions.