Hawthorne and Melville Halls get new room numbers

As part of the renovations to the College, including all of the work done to Hawthorne and Melville Halls, including the creation of a brand new Connector that connects the two buildings, the College also established a new room numbering system in Hawthorne and Melville Halls at the start of the Fall 2017 semester.

As students return to campus, it's important that they know where the old classrooms were in relation to the new numbers, and the cheat sheets below will help:

View Hawthorne Hall Room Numbers View Melville Hall Room Numbers

Hawthorne and Melville have several unique architectural features. There are four half-floors (or levels) in each building, which can make finding your way confusing. These four levels overlap at each building’s Central Stairway and elevator, both of which provide access to all levels. Because of our campus hills, every level can be accessed directly from a ground-level entrance, and you’ll discover that the new Connector leads you from Level 4 of Hawthorne to Level 3 of Melville.

The new room numbering system makes navigating these buildings easier. Each room number now corresponds to the level it is on. For example, H-202 is on Level 2 of Hawthorne, while M-430 is on Level 4 of Melville. (Note that a room number followed by a letter indicates its location within that room. For example, M-101A is located within room M-101.) The new room numbers for classrooms and offices are shown in tables below.

To minimize confusion during this transition, there are helpful handouts and directional signs throughout the buildings and at each entrance. Small stickers on each sign show the former room number. Faculty and staff will be available during the first few days of the semester to help you find your way. The PDFs and tables below show corresponding old and new numbering.

Please contact Michele Henderson with feedback. We will be installing permanent directional signs based upon this input.