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Transfer Counseling 2


Considering getting your bachelor's
(4-year) degree?

Ready to transfer schools?

BCC is a great place to start.....

Please contact:

Geoffrey Tabor
Coordinator of Transfer Affairs/Articulation
Room SBA 115
(413) 236-1610

The Transfer Office, located in the Student Development Center, is a resource for comprehensive information and assistance about every aspect of the transfer process. Students should consult with the Transfer Coordinator as early in their education as possible for information about academic programs, baccalaureate colleges, course equivalencies, and general transfer policies, as well as joint admission, articulation agreements, and the transfer compact.

BCC hosts a College Fair each year during the first week in October. The fair, which attracts many baccalaureate colleges and universities, provides students with an opportunity to talk with representatives from these institutions. Baccalaureate college and university representatives also visit BCC each semester to speak with interested students. Information about the visits and transfer opportunities is posted on Transfer Bulletin Boards located in the Student Development Center and the Susan B. Anthony Center foyer.

Applications to Massachusetts state colleges and universities, as well as many other public and private colleges, are available in the Career and Transfer Resource Center.

You can start your degree at BCC and transfer to any college/university you want, public or private. BCC has articulation/transfer agreements with many four-year institutions right here in western Massachusetts and elsewhere in the country. These colleges/universities will guarantee that if you graduate in a specific program with a predetermined Grade Point Average (GPA) and have followed a suggested course of study, you will be guaranteed junior status and be treated with the same rights as those students who originally started at the four-year school. The cost of attending a community college is approximately half the cost of attending a residential Massachusetts public institution.

Finding the right transfer college/university can be very challenging. There are resources available to help you narrow down your choices. Consult the following website for additional information.

Printed brochures are available in our office.

The Transfer Office can help you with...

  • College Applications - including tips on essay writing and obtaining recommendations.
  • Identifying Colleges/Universities. Representatives from local adn regional four-year colleges/universities
    visit BCC throughout the academic year.
  • Scholarship and Award Information. We can help you find out what's available.
  • Transferring Credits. We can show you which courses are most likely to transfer.

Check out the Information Board in the Student Development Center for additional information.

MassTransfer Program

BCC students planning to continue their education at a  Massachusetts state-supported college or university, such as UMass or MCLA, are eligible for the MassTransfer program. MassTransfer, which was approved by the Board of Higher Education as a new statewide transfer policy in June 2008, provides community college graduates who complete designated associate degrees with the benefits of the full transfer and applicability of credit, guaranteed admission (2.5 GPA or higher), and a tuition discount (3.0 GPA or higher). MassTransfer also provides students in the Massachusetts public higher education system the intermediate goal of completing a portable general education transfer block which will satisfy the general education/distribution/core requirements across institutions.

Students will be provided with the full transfer of credit, guaranteed admission, and a partial tuition waiver (depending on final GPA).

MassTransfer has two components:

I. Students completing an associate degree program under MassTransfer will graduate with a with a minimum of 60 credit hours and complete the following 34-credit general education transfer block, exclusive of developmental coursework:

General Education Transfer Block

English Composition/Writing

6 credit hours

Behavioral and Social Sciences

9 credit hours

Humanities and Fine Arts

9 credit hours

Natural or Physical Science

7 credit hours

Mathematics/Quantitative Reasoning

3 credit hours

Total Credits

34 credit hours

All Associate in Arts programs and some Associate in Science programs at BCC require the completion of two 4-credit laboratory sciences.

Benefits for students who complete associate degrees under MassTransfer are:

Minimum Final GPA


2.000 GPA


  • No admission fee or essay
  • Guaranteed, full transfer of a minimum of 60 credits applied to the bachelor's degree, if admitted
  • Automatic satisfaction of the general education/ distribution/core requirements at the receiving institution, additional credits/two courses, if admitted


2.5 GPA


  • Guaranteed admission, plus all of the above benefits


3.0 GPA

  • A 33% tuition waiver, plus all of the above benefits

Stipulations: If students change their major or if the linked baccalaureate program requires a higher grade point average or specific courses which are required of native students, MassTransfer students must meet these requirements. If, because of space or fiscal limitations, the receiving institution does not admit all qualified applicants to a given major or program, the receiving institution will use the same criteria for MassTransfer applicants as it does for its native students.

II. Students completing the general education transfer block (without earning a degree) at any Massachusetts higher education institution with a 2.0 or higher grade point average will earn the 34 credit hours outlined above, exclusive of developmental coursework.                                                                                                   
Benefits for students who complete the general education transfer block
(beginning Fall 2012):

Minimum Final GPA 


2.000 GPA  

  • Automatic satisfaction of the general education/distribution/core requirements at the receiving institution, with the receiving institution able to add no more than six additional credits/two courses, if admitted

Stipulation: Students enrolled in a specific major or degree program may be required to take additional courses if these courses are specifically required for the major or program and are required of native students.

NOTE: MassTransfer integrates and replaces Joint Admissions, Transfer Compact and the Tuition Advantage Program. For full details about the MassTransfer policy, please see the Transfer Advisor or go to

BCC can help you fulfill your educational and career goals. For more information or to schedule a transfer counseling appointment contact Geoffrey Tabor at (413) 236-1610 or