Mission Statement

The Diversity and Inclusion Council of Berkshire Community College is dedicated to supporting the efforts of the College in providing an environment where equity and diversity are truly valued beyond verbal commitments and mere tolerance.

These efforts are strengthened by the Council’s work that engages our students in the community as well as offering them diverse educational and cultural activities.

An understanding of diverse issues and the ability to articulate ones position on said issues is paramount in the 21st Century. Therefore, community forums, curricular revisions, and civic engagement are supported, when applicable, by the Council.

Contact Us

Eleanore Velez
Coordinator, Multicultural Center


Goals need to reflect the campus and local climate, therefore they may change periodically.  The Council strives to:

  • Engage the College to support and promote diversity and inclusion;
  • Promote diversity and equity through College hiring, recruitment and retention processes;
  • Interface with responsible parties regarding issues of equity and diversity intrinsic to the messaging of materials and publications;
  • Work on College forums that address issues of diversity and inclusion, civic engagement, social justice, etc.;
  • Function as an emergency response team to advise the President concerning current issues and possible dissemination of information;
  • Collect data-driven best practices.

Sub Committees

Sub-committees will be created to advocate for both extracurricular and curricular programing that reflect the diversity and inclusion mission of the College. Each sub-committee will interface with current work being done in areas such as:

  • Professional Development
  • Education Programing
  • Strategic Planning
  • Curricular Mapping
  • Extracurricular Programing
  • Data Based Practices