Care Assessment Response Education•

BCC’s CARE Team is an interdisciplinary group which addresses referrals, with the goals of supporting student success and helping to steward a safe, equitable, and inclusive learning community. We engage in a collaborative, trauma-informed process that honors the diverse emotional, behavioral, and cultural needs of our students.  

What does our CARE Team do?

We assist students experiencing behavioral or emotional challenges by assessing their needs and responding with appropriate support and referrals. We provide professional development to faculty and staff regarding recognition of signs and symptoms and how to reach out to students.

We meet twice monthly and on an as-needed basis to address or respond to related issues or concerns.

Who is part of our CARE Team?

Our team is comprised of members from across college departments, offering a diversity of perspectives and approaches to support our students. Our members include:

  • Dean of Students
  • Assistant to the Interim Provost
  • Personal Counselor
  • Director of Safety and Security
  • Director of TRIO Student Support Services
  • Ad-hoc members on an as-needed basis
Why Would I Contact the CARE Team?

Please notify the CARE Team if you are concerned about a student, either because you have noticed a significant change in their behavior, or simply have a “gut feeling” that they are in distress.

Signs of Concern:
  • Changes in academic performance
  • Depression or noticeable fatigue
  • Not attending classes on a regular basis
  • Significant changes in appearance or hygiene
  • Disruptive or agitated behavior
  • Sleeping in class
  • Appearing anxious and unable to focus
  • Loss of contact with reality (psychosis)
  • Concerns about relationship/domestic violence
  • Indication of significant substance use

Is it an Emergency?

Is a student at imminent risk? Are any of the following behaviors present? 

  • Attempting to seriously hurt themselves or someone else
  • Possessing a weapon
  • Out of control behavior

First, call 911. Then, call Security 413-499-4660, ext 6100.

Are you Concerned?

Do you have a concern about an individual on campus? Please report your concern to the CARE Team.

Submit a Concern 

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