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Our mission is to assist you in achieving your educational goals through academic counselling, mentoring, and engagement.

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NEW! Stay on Track with Navigate

Students now have access to Navigate — an exciting online tool to help you get a successful start at BCC and stay on track until graduation. Navigate will:

  • Provide you with the information and resources you need even before your first day on campus;
  • Help you find a program of study that fits your interests and talents;
  • Help you create a course schedule that fits your work schedule and other off-campus obligations;
  • Register you for classes with one click of the mouse;
  • Allow you to plan ahead for the courses you will need to take in future semesters; and
  • Send you reminders about important deadlines and milestones through e-mail and texting.

Common Questions — How Do I?

  • Register for classes?

    If you are new to BCC and have completed all of the application requirements and have completed your FAFSA, then call our office at 413-236-1620 to schedule an appointment to meet with an advisor.

    If you are a re-admit student (ie. Have previously taken courses at BCC), please be sure to re-apply to the college, completed your FAFSA, then call our office to schedule an advising appointment at 413-236-1620.

  • Access Navigate?
    1. Log into your MyBCC account at Your username is “s” followed by your student ID. For example, “s012345.”
    2. Your initial password is the last six digits of the your social security number. You will be prompted to change your password, which must be a minimum of six characters and contain both letters and numbers.
    3. After you have logged into MyBCC, you can get started in Navigate at
  • Find out who my academic advisor is?
    1. Log into MyBCC.
    2. Click on “Academic Profile for Students” under WebAdvisor.
    3. Click on Degree Audit.
    4. Select your program.
    5. Click submit.

    Your advisor’s name and contact information will be listed under your name on the degree audit.

  • Drop and/or add a class?

    During the add/drop period (the first week of classes), you are able to add or drop classes.

    Visit the Academic Advising Center and meet with an academic advisor who will assist you with the add/drop process.

    Additionally, you may review/prepare an add/drop form.

  • Change my program of study?
    Visit the Academic Advising Center where an advisor will review the new academic program with you. An advisor will review the new program and its requirements and then complete the appropriate paperwork. 
  • Have credits transferred from another college/university?

    When completing the application process, you are required to submit your official transcripts to the Admissions Office.

    Only courses you have completed with a "C" or better and apply directly to your program of study will be transferred to BCC.

    For questions, contact the Transfer Credit Evaluator (413-236-1625).

  • Withdraw from a course/the College?

    From a Course
    You need permission from both your class instructor and your assigned academic advisor to withdraw from a course.

    From the College
    You should meet with an academic advisor in the Academic Advising Center who will complete the College withdrawal form with you.

  • Register for classes for the next semester?
    You should meet with your assigned academic advisor prior to the designated registration date to plan for the courses you need for the coming semester. On the designated registration date, you may register for classes through your MyBCC account. 
  • Request a change in academic advisor?  
    Visit the Academic Advising Center to complete the Change of Advisor application.

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