Math Learning Skills Assessment

Students take a test called Accuplacer before they begin their work at BCC.  The vast majority place into pre-college-level math.  Students may take this test two times (not including any testing during the junior year) before they start their math requirements.  To save time and money taking pre-college-level courses, students should do the following things to prepare for this test: 

1.      Look at the Accuplacer site for sample questions and topics.  The link can be found on the BCC website or by going directly to the Accuplacer site:

2.      Go to an on-line site that will allow you to try one elementary algebra practice test in the Accuplacer style:

3.      Get review packets in the BCC Testing Center.

4.      Find out whether you could participate in one of BCC's FREE summer review workshops by calling our testing center at 236-1655.  We use a program called MyMathTest which is available on-line or at our book store for about $10; it is "live" for sixteen weeks.  (For the summer of 2010, the program ID will be XLOH-F1U1-101Y-8EV2.)

5.      Study the math outlines that are linked to this mathematics page.  They cover the topics covered in BCC's pre-college-level courses and coincide nicely with the Accuplacer arithmetric and elementary algebra tests.