Adult Learning Program (ALP)

BCC’s Adult Learning Program offers FREE classes for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) classes and focuses on education and career planning and benefit all students in whatever goals they plan to pursue.

The program offers beginner, intermediate and advanced levels of ESOL at two locations — BCC’s South County Center in Great Barrington and at Lee High School.

Through the Massachusetts Adult and Community Learning Services (ACLS) Grant, Berkshire Community College provides services to all Massachusetts learners through the Adult Learning Program.

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  • Classes

    ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages)

    Program Highlights

    • Classes are free of charge
    • We offer both morning and evening classes
    • Each class is limited to 15 students
    • Students must have a strong commitment to participate in the program

    Distance Learning

    Distance Learning is an online course of English instruction designed for students who are unable attend classroom-based instruction or for classroom students who would like an additional learning opportunity. Coursework is accessed through an Internet based program and overseen by our local Distance Learning Coach. While Distance Learning is self-paced, students are expected to commit to the successful completion of their course.

    Students interested in Distance Learning must meet the following requirements:
    • Have a command of English at an Intermediate level
    • Be willing and able to commit 5 hours per week to studying English online
    • Have access to a computer with an internet connection
    • Have basic computer skills, be able to navigate the Internet and communicate by email in English
  • Policies

    Student Orientation

    All new students are required to attend a program orientation meeting. Students will meet staff members and receive information about classes, the attendance policy and the support services we offer to help them have a successful year of learning.

    Attendance Policy


    Students must attend all classes each semester in order to continue in the program and receive a certificate of attendance. At mid-semester (8 weeks), student attendance will be reviewed. Students who have 4 or more absences, including classes and/or missed online assignments, will meet with the director to plan improving attendance. At the end of the semester, attendance will be reviewed again. At that time, students who have missed more than 6 classes and/or online assignments per semester will meet with the director to determine if they will continue in the program, or be moved to a waiting list.

    It is the student’s responsibility to call, email or text their teacher to report any absence. However, a reported absence will still be included as an absence.

    Class Start Time

    It is recommended that students arrive 10 minutes before class starts. A student who arrives late for class frequently must discuss with the teacher the reason for late arrival. Any student who has 6 late arrivals in a semester will speak with the director, who will determine if they will be allowed to continue in the program.

    Cell Phones and Personal Devices

    Cell phones and personal devices are not permitted to be used in the classroom unless directed by the teacher. If a student must make an urgent phone call, the student will be asked to step outside of the classroom. If or when needed, the program will provide students with iPads, dictionaries and calculators for use in class.

    Exceptions to these terms will be granted only if a student speaks with the Program Director to obtain a revised contract. Work is generally not considered an exception.

    View/Print Attendance Contract

    Emergency Preparedness Reminders

    In the event of an emergency at SCC, the following reminders are suggested from David and the Great Barrington Fire Chief, Charles Burger:

    • While the most important factor when you hear an alarm is to exit the building as quickly as possible; however if you are in a classroom, please try to take personal belongings that you have in your immediate presence with you. Do NOT return to an office to get belongings. (This will lessen bag search time in case of a bomb threat.)
    • If possible, use the egress closest to your classroom, either the front door to Main Street, or the rear exit into the back parking lot.
    • Our building-wide gathering place is on the grassy area, near Main Street, next to the Searles Castle tower at the corner of our driveway.
    • Faculty should check attendance, either formally, OR by checking with students to ascertain who was present in class and who might be missing.
    • Administrators-in-charge of the scene, until fire or police personnel arrive, are Julie Hannum, Cathy Dargi, or in the evenings, our RIBI security officer and Pat White.
    • Emergency Preparedness Guidelines booklets are being updated and will be located next to the telephone in each classroom, and in each office for quick reference.

    Emergency Phone Number

    BCC Main Campus

    Computer Policy

    The use of BCC computers is for academic purposes only. Students are not allowed to load software on lab computers or download any program or if not authorized by staff. Students are not allowed to visit any websites created for the use of gambling, illegal or illicit purposes.

    Smoking Policy

    BCC is a smoke-free campus. No smoking is permitted inside the building, or on the grounds of the BCC South County Center. Students may smoke in their vehicle.

    Alcohol Policy

    The use of alcohol or drugs during or prior to class attendance is strictly prohibited. Violation of this policy will result in dismissal from the program.

    School Closing

    When, due to bad weather or other emergencies, classes are canceled at BCC’s South Center, an announcement will be made by 6:00AM on

    • BCC's homepage,
    • BCC’s Facebook page,
    • local/regional/TV and radio stations,
    • BCC’s Voicemail 413-499-4660.
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Adult Learning Program Office

BCC South County Center
343 Main Street
Great Barrington, MA 01230

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