Developmental Education

It's a Fact...

At least 80 percent of students who enter college need at least one developmental course, in math or English especially, in preparation for college-level study. This is true of both traditional students, who sometimes need training in addition to what they received in high school, and nontraditional students, who usually have been away from classwork for some time and need to brush up on their skills.

At BCC, we’re your support system for success—and this begins with providing a solid foundation for your academics.

Help Tailored Just for You

There is a variety of services that will help you navigate your developmental path, including:

  • Quality courses that boost your skills and knowledge to accelerate your preparation for college classes
  • Ongoing educational advising
  • Supportive, one-on-one Tutorial Services.
  • Exciting and innovative courses, such as learning communities and college success classes.
  • Knowledgeable faculty who are dedicated to your success.
  • Student Support Services: Career Counseling, Disability Resource Center, and Personal Counseling.