Forms and Due Dates

Overview: Important Due Dates for 2018 Service Learning

Due Date(s) Event/Requirement Responsible Party
September 4 (Ongoing Enrollment) Service Learning Interest Form Site Leader/ Community Partner
October 2 Service Learning Sign up Deadline Student
October 5 CORI/SORI Submission Deadline Student
October 5 SL Project Agreement Due Student
December 3 - December 7 Student Evaluation Due Student
December 10 - December 14 Community Evaluation Due Site Leader/ Community Partner
Weekly Email by 5:00 PM Each Friday Service Hours Logs Student

Service Learning Student Information Form

All Service Learning participants must complete this form in order to participate in Service-Learning for classroom credit in 2018-2019. We have multiple service sites that benefit the community and this information will better prepare us to find a match to fit your needs. The deadline to sign up for Service-Learning is Monday, October 2nd at 5:00 PM.

Complete the Student Information Form

Service Learning Project Agreement

  • Purpose: Outlines your learning goals for your Service-Learning project.
  • When: Must work your learning goals out with your faculty instructor and the guidance of the Service Learning Coordinator prior to your first day of service on your site.
  • Review your project responsibilities within the agreement with your site supervisor on your first day.
    NOTE: You must obtain all signatures before you can receive full Service Learning credit.
  • Project Contracts are due to the Service-Learning Office by Monday, October 5th.


For a final signature*, deliver your contracts to:

Charles Stephens
Service-Learning Office
Field Administration Building, F-114

Phone: 413-236-1637

*Missing this deadline, or failure to receive an extension, means you cannot participate in Service-Learning this semester.

Service Learning Assessment Requirements

  • Purpose: Service Learning is committed to Additionally, your feedback on your Service-Learning experience helps us shape our program to make it the best fit for our students.
  • Weekly Service Hours Logs: Develops accountability by tracking service hours worked by student. Email electronic copy to Charles Stephens each Friday no later than 3:00 PM. Participants may email a picture copy with your site supervisor's signature.
  • Reflection Questions/Classroom Requirements: Faculty will measure student learning by asking students to reflect on their experiences while engaging with the community at the sites. These can be weekly or mid-term journaling, or end of semester capstone project.
  • Community Evaluation: Feedback on student volunteer performance by the Site Supervisor.
  • Student Experience Survey: Complete a survey outlining and evaluating your experience on site and the service learning process.