Service Hours Log

Service Learning Hours Log Information

Service-Learning students must log their hours every week that they participate in the program (15 hours minimum, due by the last day of classes).

To receive weekly credit for your participation a picture of your signed Service-Learning Hour Log sheets are due to the Service Learning Coordinator by 3:00 PM on each Friday of the duration of your Service Learning project by email (

Download the Service-Learning Hour Log

Earn Money while Serving the Community through Work Study

The federal government wants to encourage people to give back. As an added insentive, students participating in Service Learning may receive up to $200 in a stipend for their 15 hours of service! If you are interested please contact the Service-Learning Coordinator, or Work Study Coordinator, with questions about the process or to get signed up!

Important: You must complete all payroll paperwork with Financial Aid prior to working at your service site.
Financial Aid cannot retroactively pay you for any time served prior to completing all required paperwork.

In addition to your Service Learning Hour Logs, participants must submit a weekly timesheet. Both on and off-campus Timesheet must be scanned and emailed from your site supervisor to the Financial Aid Office by 11am every Thursday.

Site Supervisors may also fax completed times sheets to Attn: Karrie Trautman Financial Aid Office is 413.442.8930.

Service-Learning Timesheets