Peer Review Sample Questions

Peer Review in Any Class

Sample Questions

  1. Read each essay all the way through first. Mark clear, compelling passages with a check mark. Make squiggly lines under anything unclear or awkwardly phrased.
  2. Make sure to look back at the assignment guidelines; keep track of any requirements not yet included or developed.
  3. What’s your overall first impression? Is there a main idea or driving thesis? If so, what is it? How would you restate that main idea or central argument in your own words (to the writer)? If not, can you infer what you think the writer is trying to get at? How would you describe what is happening in order to help the writer understand what’s not yet developed and/or what needs to happen next?
  4. Is there any passage that is particularly clear, effective, or interesting? If so, why?
  5. Is there anything redundant or repetitive?
  6. As the reader, do you have questions? Is there any missing information, background, or context? Are there any terms, language, or other references in the essay that aren’t clear?
  7. How would you describe the structure and organization? Does the essay develop or deepen? What do you know by the end that you didn’t know on page 1?