DEI Certificate Programs

Cultural Competency: This area of training focuses on developing a set of beliefs, attitudes, values, policies and practices that foster effective cross-cultural communication, relationship-building, and equitable service/product delivery. The outcome for this training is to understand and set the foundation for future strategic prioritization around Equity and inclusive practices.
Systems of Oppression: This area of training will focus on what oppressive systems are and have been historically in the US. Systems of Oppression is a course that supports developing an objective analysis around Equity in the interaction of class, gender and race conversations to start. We will uncover the systems that have been active in society creating inequities, unjust impositions, or restraints for individuals and groups—based on social and cultural identities—as a continued often unaddressed practice.
This third component requires seasoned professionals or students in Human Resources, people and culture systems, DEI or Training for and Education & training programs.
Within BRIDGE foundations, the participants will develop expert facilitation skills and a training curriculum for their workplace. This requires course study and observation hours.