Healthcare Webinars and Conferences


Dr. Claudia M. Gold

Berkshire Community College Early Childhood Education and Workforce Development presents an interactive online workshop on the impact of Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE) on children’s health and wellbeing.

The workshop will feature Dr. Claudia M. Gold, who will discuss how ACEs affect children’s behavior and success in a classroom environment. Dr. Gold will focus on the impact ACEs have on the developing brain and strategies that could be used to address children’s behaviors and mental health issues. Dr. Gold’s presentation will be followed by question-and-answer session with the participants. Breakout sessions in the second half of the ACE workshop will provide a hands-on discussion of strategies to address and prevent ACE impact with local experts from Berkshire County. Key topics for breakout sessions will focus on trauma-informed communities and schools, working with parental and caregiver ACEs, and resources for trauma-informed support for families at home. 

Mental Health: Hope and Resilience in the Berkshires
December 9-10, 2020

Hope and Resilience in the Berkshires

Mental health is a major public health concern that has far-reaching negative consequences on communities across the United States.  The COVID-19 pandemic created multiple stressors that have had a significant impact on mental well-being.  BCC's “Mental Health: Hope and Resilience in the Berkshires” conference provided social workers and other human service and health care professionals with enhanced understanding about mental health stressors in different population groups, local resources and key tools to support individuals and families during challenging times. The conference page provides more details about the conference speakers and topics that were discussed. Video recordings of each session are available as well. 

Assistive Technologies: Informational Webinar
October 30, 2020

Berkshire Community College and United Cerebral Palsy of Western Massachusetts developed and presented an informational webinar about assistive technologies and their role in a variety of service settings. Assistive technologies (AT) are devices used to increase, maintain, or improve people’s functional capabilities. Assistive technologies are commonly used in school settings, human service organizations that work with people with disabilities, home care agencies, hospitals, rehabilitation centers, and nursing homes. 

COVID-19 in South County: A Conversation with Local Experts
November 5, 2020

Berkshire Community College and Southern Berkshire Rural Health Network present a Zoom-based informational webinar where local expert in health care and public health spoke about current situation with COVID-19 pandemic in South County, measures taken to prevent the spread of the virus, and resources available for South County residents. The panelists discussed different aspect of their work as it relates to pandemic and respond to the audience’s questions.


COVID-19: Coping Through the Holiday Season in South County
December 15, 2020

  Berkshire Community College and Southern Berkshire Rural Health Network present a Zoom-based webinar where South County experts in health care and mental health discuss coping with stressors caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. The speakers talk about how we are all affected by COVID-19 and different ways to cope and maintain health through the holiday season. The webinar panelists focus on different aspects of their work as it relates to pandemic and respond to the audience’s questions.

Volunteering 101
May 19, 2020

Join Brenda Petell, Director of Volunteer Engagement at Berkshire United Way, as she explores the value and benefits of volunteerism. Learn to navigate the volunteer site search process, strategies to find the right fit. Uncover the models of volunteering, from on-site to off-site, and temporary to long-term. Discover how volunteering can enhance your personal growth and career exploration. Find out why employers are so impressed by community engagement, and how to highlight it in resumes, cover letters and interviews. Whether you have volunteered for decades, or just starting your volunteer journey, you will leave this presentation understanding the deep personal and professional impact of your service.

Joy of Volunteering
May 20, 2020

Join BCC staff, faculty, students, and area residents as they discuss their volunteering experiences in the Berkshires and beyond. This virtual roundtable encourages all to share their joys and challenges of volunteering. This is a roundtable chat with an opportunity to ask questions.

Engaging and Managing Volunteers
May 21, 2020

Connect with volunteer coordinators from Berkshire County-based non-profits as they discuss best practices in their respective fields. Panelists share ways to work with volunteers of various competencies, and how to leverage their available time with the needs of their organizations. Panelists include Brenda Petell, Director of Volunteer Engagement at Berkshire United Way, Erin Sullivan, Vice President of Community and Donor Relations at 18 Degrees, and Carolyn Valli, Executive Director of Central Berkshire Habitat for Humanity.

COVID-19: Supporting Families and Children
May 14, 2020

Berkshire Community College presented a webinar-based panel discussion with guest speaker Dr. Stephen Cozza and Berkshire County practitioners who work directly with children and families. Webinar participants heard about how crisis affects the well-being of children and families. The panel discussed resources and services available in Berkshire County as COVID-19 pandemic impacts on our community.