Applied Manufacturing

Applied Manufacturing Technical Skills- Certificate

Program Advisor: Gary Bradway, 413-236-4624

The course sequence and content will provide the quantitative and technical skills required for entry-level positions in manufacturing while being an option for individuals currently working in the field and wishing to update their skills to current technologies. Though most of the curriculum will be taught on campus, the hands-on technical courses will be offered at state-of-the-art industrial laboratories at regional vocational schools, and possible local manufacturing facilities.

Graduation Requirements

To earn a certificate in Applied Manufacturing Technical Skills, a student must complete all program credits and the additional requirements shown below:



22 Credits

ENM 125

Technical Mathematics 1

3 Credits

ENM 126

Technical Mathematics 2 (or higher)

3 Credits

ENT 135

Interpreting Engineering Drawings 1

4 Credits

ENT 136

Interpreting Engineering Drawings 2

4 Credits

ENT 151

Introduction to Manufacturing

4 Credits

ENT 152

Advanced Manufacturing

4 Credits



As shown

Minimum Cumulative Average Overall


Minimum Cumulative Average in Program


For information about typical program costs, student loan debt, graduation rates, and jobs associated with this program, read the Gainful Employment Disclosure