Physical Fitness

BCC's Physical Fitness program offers students options in Certificate and Degree Programs.

The Physical Fitness Certificate program offers personal and professional opportunities in the world of Fitness. Completion of the program leads to employment as Group exercise instructors, personal trainers or fitness instructors. This program provides students an opportunity to achieve the ACE Personal Trainer Certification, a nationally recognized credential.

The Physical Fitness Certificate is a first step in a Fitness career. By starting in the Physical Fitness program students can attain the skills needed to enter the workforce. The credits earned in the certificate program apply to the Associate's Degree, Health Science - Physical Fitness Option.

The Physical Fitness degree option offers students an opportunity to expand upon the Physical Fitness certificate program. The degree program goes on to explore the human body and its relationship to exercise and fitness, deeper exploration of exercise physiology and human anatomy are also provided. This program is endorsed by the American College of Sports Medicine and the American Council on Exercise.

This two-step approach allows students to get their training, enter the workforce and continue their education, allowing them to pursue higher paying jobs with greater responsibility.

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  • What does a personal trainer do?
    • Demonstrates how to carry out various exercises and routines
    • Develop exercise routines for clients
    • Support clients to exercise safely
    • Provide a variety of exercises appropriate for all levels of fitness
    • Conduct exercise classes
    • Monitor clients' progress and adapt exercise programs accordingly
  • Where can a Fitness Certificate take me?
    • Personal Trainer
    • Group Fitness Instructor
    • Stretch and Flex Class instructor
    • Functional Fitness instructor
  • Where can a Fitness Concentration take me?
    • Personal Trainer
    • Health Coach
    • Fitness Club Director
    • Health Club manager
    • Advanced Health and Fitness Specialist
Articulation Agreement with Springfield College

BCC students who earn their A.S. degree in the Health Science-Physical Fitness program have the opportunity to transfer 60-credits toward Springfield College's B.S. in Applied Exercise Science (upon acceptance to Springfield College).

Suggested Academic Pathway

semester 1

  1. Exercise Science
  2. Responding to Medical Emergencies
  3. Intro to Nutrition
  4. Intro to Oral Communications
  5. Fitness for Life
  6. Weight Training
  7. Practicum I

semester 2

  1. Stress & Your Health
  2. Stretching & Flexibility
  3. Ultimate Functional Training Workout
  4. Cardiofit
  5. Group Exercise Instruction
  6. Advanced Strength Training
  7. Personal Trainer
  8. Practicum II

*** This completes the Physical Fitness Certificate

semester 3

  1. Principles of Fitness Components
  2. Fitness Program Planning
  3. Anatomy & Physiology I
  4. English Comp/Writing
  5. Introductory Psychology
  6. Advanced Practicum I
  7. General Ed Elective

semester 4

  1. Mind/Body Theory & Methods
  2. Psychology of Sport
  3. Prevention/Care of Exercise Injuries
  4. English Comp/Writing
  5. Math for Health Sciences
  6. Anatomy & Physiology II
  7. Advanced Practicum II