Customer Care

Customer Engagement in Hospitality Certificate

Introducing a thought provoking ‘experiential’ customer care certificate program uniquely designed to give you the jump-start you need for a career in customer service. This 21-hour certificate program will introduce you to the nuance of the customer service and provide you the skills that will ensure your success. Advance your career with the support and coaching of industry experts to help you stand out on your first day or build on your past experience.

What caN I do after this course?

Upon successful completion of this course and with instructor recommendation, students will be granted a face-to-face interview with local hospitality employers.

Students who decide to enroll in BCC’s credit Hospitality Administration program will be granted 1 college credit towards that program.

When, Where and Cost:

4 Meetings, Mondays8:00 am-3:15pm Oct 17, 24, 31, Nov 7
Conte Federal Building

Cost: $189

To Register:

 online registration  or

call the Community Education Registration line 413-236-2127

Non-Profits:  contact the Community Education line for non-profit rate

What topics will be covered in this course?

Emotional Quotient – Awareness-Agility-Savvy

Let’s start with you…embrace your best and then do even better. Emotional Quotient (EQ) is the ability to use emotions to guide thinking and actions. This thematic element of the program will be a part of each session, allowing you to help manage stress, enhance your communication skills, and bring solution orientation to problem solving. 

Be Career Ready

How appropriate dress, actions, attitude and problem solving skills can lead to a successful career . Also learn how to take those steps to plan your career.

Introduction to Customer Engagement

The heart of a memorable travel experience is the level of "Customer Engagement." This discussion will explore what it takes to go beyond great customer service. We will identify techniques to guide your day-to-day actions along with discussions on values, service customization, heroic acts, and the art and creation of great memories.  

Be a Hero

A key component of the customer engagement experience is a customized service approach. This is supported in great part through aweing and dazzling guests by performing heroic acts. We will talk about what a heroic act is and why it is such an important part of outstanding customer engagement.

How to Create Customer Delight

Outstanding customer service starts with having the right culture within an organization.  How can you do your part in creating, supporting, and maintaining a customer-delighted culture? We will discuss the best way to influence your peers and encourage them to embrace the customer centric intention.

Presenting a Memorable Moment

First impressions need to be made in less than 7 seconds. Making that connection is through eye contact, body language, and tone of voice. This session will offer experience and understanding of the impact you have when interacting with guests. Presenting yourself in a confident, professional, and caring manner will create a warm, comfortable environment that guests will remember. 

Internal and External Sales

Your ability to integrate proper selling techniques when interacting with guests can make the difference in revenue and your success. This course will ensure that you are adapting to the client to help them decide to buy. Participants will learn proven techniques and tactical strategies that enable them to better understand the value of client relations and feel comfortable with the sales process.

Menu Knowledge

An outstanding hotelier knows the menu along with the ingredients and style of dining options available. This interactive course will be presented by a culinary team and will include a discussion on the styles of food along with the specific goals identified to meet the customers' needs.

Consumer Review Websites – The Good the Bad the Ugly

“Cameras are everywhere” - Internal customer reviews, Trip Advisor, Yelp, and Open Table are just some of the feedback mechanisms. We will identify ways to respond to comments and the value of knowing what guests are writing. These sites need to be monitored by all associates on a daily/weekly basis. Use review sites to your advantage and recognize expectations and prepare yourself for what guests are reading.

The Experiential Economy

It is no longer just about great service – it is the experience that creates special memories unique to you. You are the insider with ‘the best kept secrets’ at your business and within local community. You will learn how to access available resources to be the ‘experiential’ resource for your customers. This includes knowledge of the best places for families, local entertainment, restaurants, as well as a variety of outdoors and rainy day activities. Additionally, it is crucial to capitalize on any potential downtime to research information that will make you the hero with the guests, co-workers, and your supervisor; priceless.

Public Space – Clean shows you Care

A clean property is the responsibility of all associates. This class will teach you exactly what you can do each and every hour to ensure your business is looking its best. This includes a discussion of what to look for and what you can do to support the housekeeping and maintenance team. The different areas of a business will be reviewed in order to ensure the guest only sees a clean and cared for facility.

Do it Yourself – DYI

Know what to do and/or what you need to do next. Toilet overflowing, light bulb out, remote control not working, computers are down, website has glitches? Know where to find a blanket, umbrella, reading glasses, water, and everything a customer could want or need. Learn from your own experiences and questions customers ask. Listen – really listen and identify a solution. Signage, reoccurring problems, regular questions? – find the solution.

 Websites – Your ‘New’ Front Door

Guests know you through your company’s website. Be sure you know everything about it. This workshop will offer you experience navigating websites and how important they are to the customer experience. Know what information is available or not available to the guests and be prepared to help guide guests through the site.