PHS Entrepreneurship Certificate

Dual enrollment students

Develop an Entrepreneur Mindset to Support Business Education

Pittsfield High School (PHS) students can earn an Entrepreneurship Certificate in two years or business credits through BCC while still in high school — tuition free! Any PHS student who is eligible to take college courses can take any of the courses, even if they do not intend to complete the entire certificate. The opportunity is open to current Sophomores, juniors and seniors who meet the criteria for college-level coursework. All courses are transferable to a two-year degree at BCC or a four-year degree at MA State Colleges and Universities.

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To complete the Certificate, a student will need to take:

  • Accounting at PHS which will award credit for BUS-111
  • Intro to Computer Technology which will award credit for CIS-102

Students will be able to take the following courses during their personalization period from 2 – 2:45 p.m. on Tuesdays and Thursdays:

  • BUS 208: Principles of Marketing – spring 2024
  • BUS 247: Business Communications – fall 2024
  • BUS 216: Small Business Entrepreneur and Management – spring 2025

To complete the Certificate, students need to take the following free Dual Enrollment courses with BCC:

  • ECON 211: Principles of Economics
  • BUS 206: Principles of Management
  • BUS 251: Business Law

These courses can be taken for free through BCC as Dual Enrollment courses in the fall, spring or summer and count as a high school elective. Students should speak with their school counselor or PHS teacher if interested.

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