Field Admin. Elevator Out of Service

Dear Students, Faculty, Staff, Guests and Community Members:

I’m writing to you today to let you know of the upcoming modernization work that will soon begin on the Field Administration Out Of Serviceelevator (the original Field elevator) on the east end of the building. 

Starting on Monday, March 5, this elevator will be out of service and will remain under construction through late May. During this time period, we ask that anyone with accessibility needs who wants to utilize an elevator can do so via the SBA Annex elevator, as well as the new Field Administration elevator located on the opposite end of Field Administration on the west end. In the period of time since the last disruption of service to this elevator, we have provided updates to the campus infrastructure that includes the construction of the new hallway between the SBA Annex building (the SBA Annex elevator) and the SBA building, along with the installation of the brand new Field Administration west elevator. With these new additions, accessibility will be easier and much improved over what existed the last time this elevator was being repaired.

For anyone who utilizes the present Field Administration elevator and pathway from the handicapped accessible parking spots up to the quad level of the campus or further to the second floor levels of Field Administration and Koussevitzky, as well as the upper buildings of Hawthorne, Melville, the Connector and Hoffmann, we now will simply ask that when coming through the cafeteria and going into the hallway where the current Field elevator is in use, that you simply go down the hall and through the set of doors into the Annex building where you will find the SBA Annex elevator.

  • When arriving at the second floor, exit the elevator and follow the hallway over into the SBA Student Center.
  • When in the Student Center, you can leave the building through the two sets of doors that have automatic openers on them, then travel along the walkway in front of Field Administration to the west entry doors located by the computer center.
  • You can then enter the building through two sets of doors that have automatic openers on them and travel towards the elevator vestibule area which has one more door, also with a newly installed opener.
  • This will provide access to all of the upper levels previously mentioned.

We apologize for any inconvenience that this disruption in elevator service may cause and appreciate your understanding during this upgrade period. We are thrilled to be having this work performed and hope that you share in the excitement to have another piece of the aging campus infrastructure being updated and modernized to provide for increased dependability and durability for numerous years to come.

We ask that you share this information with others in the community who may frequently use this elevator. Please feel free to contact me with any questions regarding this project.



David J. Moran
Director of Facilities