Understanding and Engaging Under Resourced College Students

Berkshire Community College is excited to host this training where attendees will gain a deeper understanding of the challenges and strengths that students from poverty bring to college and learn how to create the conditions that make success achievable, not merely accessible. Attendees will move through a transformational process by first building understanding of the “what and why” of under-resourced college students, to then developing the “how-to” teaching and program design strategies to help students succeed. There is no cost to attend this training.

Objectives for the event include:

  • Identify and give examples of various causes of poverty.
  • Analyze students’ internal and external resources and identify campus and community resources that can assist students.
  • Give examples of hidden rules of class and college campuses.
  • Explain and implement mediation and cognitive strategies to improve student learning.
  • Explain language registers, discourse patterns, and story structure as to how they influence students’ success in college.
  • Identify paradigm shifts in higher education.
  • Describe “Investigations Into Economic Class in America” curriculum as it might apply to my institution.

Understanding and Engaging Under-Resourced College Students Workshop overview



Nancy Stoll
Special Program Coordinator – Financial Literacy
(413) 236-1646



May 22, 8:00 AM-3:30 PM

On the Main Campus of BCC 
in the Cafeteria - Lunch Included



Berkshire Community College

Main campus:
1350 West St
Pittsfield, MA 01201
(413) 499-4660

The Cafeteria is located in the Susan B. Anthony Building

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If you are a person with a disability and need accommodations, please contact Nancy Stoll at (413) 236-1646 by Monday, May 13th.