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Earn College Credit During High School

Berkshire County high school students may enroll in college courses at low or no cost. Classes are available online, at BCC and MCLA, and locations throughout the county.

  • Students must be Massachusetts residents.
  • Guidance counselor approval is required (to verify your high school enrollment status).
  • Eligibility for college level courses may depend on previous academic experience.

High school students in Berkshire County also have the opportunity to jump start their college experience by completing 15 college credits prior to their high school graduation. This can be accomplished through a combination of the following:


Start with 15

For more information about opportunities to earn college credit while in high school at BCC.

Early College

Testing Center

  • Early College options
    • BRIDGE TO COLLEGE: For high school seniors only. Apply to have your tuition/fees waived for one course per year. You are responsible for books and transportation.
    • CONCURRENT ENROLLMENT: Take a class at your high school that is also approved for BCC college credit.
    • DUAL ENROLLMENT: As a high school student, you can enroll in college course(s). You are responsible for tuition, fees, books and transportation.

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  • AP Exam (at your high school)
    • Earn 3-6 credits per exam

    Contact your Guidance Counselor for more information

  • College Level Examination Program (CLEP)
    • Earn 3-6 credits per exam

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High school Transcripts submitted to determine placement should be sent to