Understanding and Challenging Racism through Written Activism

Activism can take on many forms

Berkshire Community College's (BCC) Berkshire Honors Program will be hosting a virtual FORUM for students called Understanding and Challenging Racism through Written Activism on October 29 at 2:00 PM, which focuses on how activism can take on many forms. This year we have seen an increase of protests in support of #BlackLivesMatter and against systemic racism, and this FORUM is an opportunity for a dialogue about that with an author who writes about such issues.

Author Dr. Chris Himes will share his motivation for approaching activism through writing and share some elements from his recent essays and his complex relationship with writing and finding ways to express himself.

chris himes

 Dr. Chris Himes, Author

Date: Thurs. Oct. 29 at 2:00 PM

Dr. Himes, an educator working with Miss Halls School, where he leads the school’s engineering and technology department, will lead the virtual FORUM, which is supported by the College's Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Council. In the past, Dr. Himes was involved in biological research and brings these skills to examining the intersection among education, culture, science and society.  

Check out the BCC FORUMs page to subscribe.

Or, email Matthew Muller, Honors Program Coordinator, for the Zoom link to register.