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Employer Partners

Your Partnership is Important to Us

The Career Development Center is here to provide you with support for your hiring needs by connecting you with well-coached students coming from a variety of 36 Associate Degree options and 19 Certificate Programs. We seek to develop lasting relationships with your organization and consider you an integral partner in the Career Development process.

Connect with our talented students and alumni by posting an internship, full-time or part-time job, hosting information tabling sessions, providing career forum talks, and more.

We encourage our Employers Partners to connect with our students in a variety of ways, including Job Postings, On Site Tabling, hosting a student visit. Register as an Employer Partner with College Central Network to explore your engagement options.

Contact Us:

We are here to help you meet your needs. Please contact us if you need assistance with registration or if you have any inquiries :


Geoffrey Tabor
Coordinator of Transfer Affairs & Articulation

Located in Field-113

Search jobs posted at our school!

Post job opportunities and review online resumes & portfolios exclusive to BCC!

Grow your Talent Relationships with Us

We are excited to partner with you to grow your talent pool. We have many ways to engage our students and alumni as an Employer Partner. Check the dropdown menu to see what is available and contact Career Development, careers@berkshirecc.edu or 413-236-1637, for more information or to schedule a visit with us.

  • Recruiter Visibility Tables
    Make your Organization a Familiar Face

    Interact with interested candidates by reserving a Recruitment Visibility Table in high traffic locations on campus. Showcase your recruitment information and review resumes on the fly.

    Available Recruiter Visibility Table times and locations include 11:30 AM - 1:30 PM in the BCC Cafeteria and 9:30 AM to 11:30 AM in The Connector. (Fall 2020 visits will be virtual)

  • Speaking Reception and Forum Visits
    Promote your Organization and Meet Engaged Students

    Career Development also collaborates with faculty to make career readiness a central part of the learning environment. As an Employer Partner, you can help us grow student talent by engaging in career readiness programming!

    With various programming and workshop opportunities throughout the year, share your story and cultivate new talent by participating in or sponsoring a career readiness workshop.

    Contact us to plan your outreach visits in advance to reserve your spot today!

  • Register Your Open Positions for On-Campus Recruitment
    Sift through Pre-Approved Resumes and Schedule Interviews On Campus

    Identify top applicants and interview them for vacant roles on BCC's campus! Post a vacant role to College Central Network under the On-Campus Recruitment feature. Search for talent and evaluate pre-approved applications. Let us coordinate a scheduled interview day to meet with your candidates here on the Berkshire Community College main campus!

    Contact us to post a position for On-Campus Recruitment today!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How to post a position with us

    If you would like to post a job announcement, be sure to set up your Employer Account. Once your contact has been approved, you will receive a message regarding your access in the College Central Network database.

    Contact the Career Development Center, careers@berkshirecc.edu or 413-236-1637 if need any assistance with setting up your account.

    Register your CCN Employer Profile today!

  • Business License Policy

    In order to protect students from potential fraudulent employers, and to ensure that our Employer Partners are meeting accreditation requirements, Career Development requires an up-to-date business license on file for all of its Employer Partners.

    Please request access to College Central Network by creating an Employer Profile in the portal. After requesting access, a Career Development staff member will review and respond to the employer profile in College Central Network.

    Note: Submitting a request for access to Berkshire Community College in College Central Network does not guarantee access.

    Approved Employer Partners are given access to post jobs to the portal to review by Career Development staff. To obtain access to review screened resumes by Career Development staff, Employer Partners must provide an electronic copy of a valid business license or state approved licensure to careers@berkshirecc.edu. This document will be stored electronically through document expiration and will not be shared publicly. Career Development staff will communicate with the primary contact at the time of expiration for renewal.

  • The CDC will NOT post a position, nor host On-campus recruiting if...
    We will not post positions submitted under the following conditions:
    • The student must pay a fee to participate in a work experience or pay any type of fee for training, or required to purchase/rent/lease any type of sales kit or presentation supplies.
    • Entrepreneurial announcements or commission only positions will not be posted.
    • CDC does not provide recruitment/posting services to businesses in a home office setting. Businesses must be established and licensed and located in commercial space.
    • The college does not permit recruitment for positions which involve door to door or on-campus solicitation, sales, or posting materials, products, or services.
    • Positions that require job seekers to provide money up-front for a "start-up" business.
    • Positions that ask job seekers to deposit a check in an organization's back account or wire money to an unknown individual.
  • Third Party Agency Policy

    The Career Development Center seeks to create a safe environment for BCC students to pursue their career interests and grow professionally. Third Party Search Agencies must meet the following requirements detailed below:

    • Reveal the identity of the employer being represented and the nature of the relationship between the agency and the employer, and permit Career Development to verify such information by contacting the employer directly.
    • Charge no fees to the candidate.
    • If requested, provide a position description for a valid opening.
    • In accordance with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act, only release candidate information provided by students through the university exclusively and only to the identified employer. Re-disclosure of candidate information is not permitted.
  • Home-based business/Nanny and Private Employer Policy

    In order to ensure a safe work experience, the Career Development Center will not post job opportunities for private employers seeking temporary assistance from our student population. We only post positions based at commercial businesses, non-profits and government agencies.

    Home-based business, in-home childcare or nanny positions will not be posted. This policy applies to all opportunities, including full-time, internship and part-time positions.

    As an alternative, you may pursue a classified ad in the Berkshire Eagle newspaper (800) 245-0254 (Option 4) or other certified sites like SitterCity or Care.com.

  • Hosting Students for Site Visits

    If you would like to host a student who is interested in your career field for a tour of your organization, an informational interview, or job shadow, please contact our office before you extend the opportunity. We will be happy to coordinate the visiting process.

    NOTE: We only refer students who are ready for such visits.

  • How to Register for On-site Tabling

    If you would like to recruit a high number of students during peak traffic times or on campus interviewing On-site Tabling as your option!

    Contact us at careers@berkshirecc.edu or 413-236-1637.

  • Internship Support

    The Career Development Center works with Employer Partners, faculty, and staff to help identify and support students seeking internship opportunities. Before an internship is posted or promoted to Berkshire Community College students and eligible alumni, the position must adhere to Massachusetts state law and guidelines for Training and Vocational Programs and Volunteer Work as outlined by the State of Massachusetts Department of Labor Standards.

    While the preference is that our students receive monetary compensation for their work, we understand that certain career fields offer formal and informal experiential compensation and other benefits as industry standard practice. Unpaid internship opportunities must meet the criteria provided by the State of Massachusetts Department of Labor Standards and will be vetted by Career Development Center staff.

    Cost Effectiveness of Funding an Internship


    Per Credit Tuition (3 credit course) $223
    Activity & Registration Fees $70
    Estimated Cost of Course $739 for Semester

    Internship courses available to students:

    Supporting Internship Course Credit Total Course Description
    BUS-285-01 Business Internship Program 3 Students will participate in an internship at an approved organization in which they will develop and utilize skills necessary in today's workforce. Students also will be required to keep a weekly journal of their workplace experiences and how these experiences relate to required readings. Prerequisite: BUS-107, CIS-102 and Faculty approval.
    EXL-225-01 Experiential Learning I 3 Individually arranged learning by contract. This course allows the student, with assistance from the faculty sponsor, to define personal learning objectives and methods of evaluation. The student may contract for independent study, community service internship, field experience, apprenticeship, unpaid career-related work experience, or other self-directed projects. Prerequisite: Permission of faculty sponsor and assistant dean.

    Contact our office if you would like to develop an internship opportunity at your company or organization.

    For more assistance, contact our office at careers@berkshirecc.edu or 413-236-1637.