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Faculty Partners

We work with faculty to foster student success and value your partnership in the career development process. We offer services to help you engage students in the career planning process in your curriculum through experiential learning and in-class presentations.

Career Development partnership opportunities for faculty include:
  • Provide classroom presentations
  • Engage employers for on campus recruiting, industry partnerships, and job postings
  • Network with Berkshire Community College alumni (BCC Alumni Association) willing to engage students about their careers
  • Refer students to seek out career exploration assistance
  • Provide data regarding student success and job searching efforts
In-Class Presentation & "Don't Cancel THAT Class" Programs

We are excited to launch the "Don't Cancel THAT Class" Program this Fall 2018. This program is available to all faculty and staff that would like to integrate Career Development into their curriculum in lieu of canceling class. Career Development would be more than happy to teach a class that an instructor may not be able to attend.

As always, Career Development is available to lead in-class presentations that outline the various resources available to assist students in taking ownership of their careers.

In Class Presentation Guidelines

We ask that all requests be made at least 2 WEEKS before the presentation date. Requests are taken in the order they are received. Due to various commitments and availability throughout the year, Career Development may not be able to accommodate all requests.

Specialized Fall 2018 Presentations

In Fall 2018, we can present on three specialized topics in addition to the standard Navigating Career Development Resources; Workplace Communication, Career-Decision Making, and Networking and Relationship Building. We will rotate these topics every semester.

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