Update Emergency Contact

Please take a few moments to update your emergency contact information through the MyBCC portal to help ensure your safety and security as a student at the College.

  1. Navigate to the main BCC website,
  2. To get to the login page, in the upper right corner click on MyBCC
    MyBCC Login Link

    Note: Many mobile devices such as tablets and cell phones view a mobile version of the site. On these devices the MyBCC link is located within the Menu in the upper left.

  3. Type your username and password into the boxes, then click the button Sign in

    Tip: Student usernames are the letter “s” + your Student ID, which will be mailed to you. For example, s0123456. The “S” can be either upper or lower case.

  4. The MyBCC Portal Page will load after a successful login
  5. Within the WebAdvisor box, click the arrow symbol “>” next to User Account, then click on Emergency Contact Information
    Student Portal Page Screen Shot
  6. Click on Add New Contact.
    Add Emergency Contact screen shot
  7. Within the new window that opens, fill out the Emergency Contact Information as completely and accurately as possible and when completed, click the Add Contact button near the bottom

    Note: This information can be updated and changed by you at any time by returning and following the steps above again.

  8. Your new emergency contact should now appear on the screen. If you wish to add another emergency contact, click on Add New Contact and complete step 7 again.
  9. Click on the Confirm button near the top of the screen to verify your entries. You may be asked periodically by the college to log in and confirm your emergency contacts

Tip: For help with your password please contact the BCC IT Help Desk. Students may also visit the Digital Commons located within the John Edwards Library for help with their password.