October 27, 2021: Power is restored on BCC's main campus and campus operations have resumed. 


Stories for Good: A Celebration of Diversity in Our Community


Presented by the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Council

Friday, October 8, 2021
9:00 AM - 1:00 PM
Koussevitzky room 111

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 Keynote Address – 9:00-9:45 a.m.

In the keynote speech, Boxxa Vine will talk about being a drag queen, the nuances and challenges of creating events specifically for LGBTQ+ performers, and the importance of different styles of drag. Drag and performance art will be discussed not only as a means to help others express themselves freely, but also as a way to create and foster diversity, equality, and inclusion.

Breakout Session I – 10:00-10:45 a.m.
Remote learning: stories of accessibility for students with disabilities

Julia Kalinowsky, Alicia Starja, Sinaia Smith, and Pam Farron

The shift to online learning during COVID-19 heighted our awareness of how learning modalities impact student success. Online learning particularly impacted students who have disabilities, removing barriers to accessibility for some, while at the same time creating additional barriers for others. This session will allow students and staff to share their stories and coping strategies, explore best practices, and envision how our ‘new normal’ hybrid learning may yet become more inclusive.

Trans 101 - Identity, Misgendering, and Pronouns 

Drew Herzig

The session, using a PowerPoint presentation, will cover the differences between sex and gender, and between gender identity and gender expression. The definitions of transgender and cisgender will be given, and the evolution of 'trans' - from transvestite to transsexual to transgender to trans*. The struggle with gender dysphoria, the possible use of puberty blockers, the efforts to establish a public identity, and the role of pronouns will be discussed.


Beyond the Board: Skateboarding, Schools, and Society

Tattiya Maruco

Skateboarding is widely popular in US society, yet the narrative of what it means to be a skater remains narrow. This session will share findings from a line of research that centers skaters and the unique knowledge, skills, and strategies that come from skateboarding. There will be dedicated time to share our own stories as well.

Breakout Session II – 11:00-11:45 a.m.
Deconstructing Whiteness in a Moment of Crisis: Lessons Learned from Teaching Critical Whiteness Studies at BCC

Charles Park

This session will discuss HON 298K: Deconstructing Whiteness in US, which was taught for the first time in spring 2021, and the reactions by students. As an honors class, the student came in highly motivated and curious, and were willing to share their individual stories and the insights they gathered throughout the semester. This session will share the reading list from the course, as well as students' anonymized reactions and observations. This session will talk about how much our students want to talk about this topic, and how it can be infused into a broader BCC curriculum.

Queer Erasure: The Dismissal of Non-Binary, Asexual, & Bisexual Identities 

Darwin MacDonald

An exploration of gatekeeping within and without the LGBT community, for the sake of cis heteronormative comfort. A combination of personal stories, second hand anecdotes, figure and statistics, and historical data revealing erasure of queer marginalized individuals.

Looking Inside Your Cultural Chest - To Find Your Heart

Celia Norcross

This session will explore identities from a framework of what cultural experiences have made us who we are today. This sharing of my story coupled with ways we look at objects in our "cultural chest" allow us to explore a deeper meaning of each other and what may lie in our hearts. Information on Identity Theories and shared experiences will be introduced and explored in this session. Come ready to listen, learn and share through the power of your story.

Closing Session – 12:00-1:00 p.m.

Q&A panel with Boxxa Vine, fellow drag queens Angel South and Noelle Diamond, and drag king Fausto, followed by a drag show with Boxxa Vine, Angel South and Noelle Diamond.

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