Cannabis Industry (Certificate)


Cannabis Industry Program Overview

The Cannabis Industry Certificate is designed to provide students with applicable skills and knowledge to work professionally in the areas of Cannabis cultivation, processing, preparation, retail, and outreach. Prepared by foundational courses in business, communication, biopsychology, and botany, students will receive specific training through a comprehensive Cannabis course and an accompanying onsite industry practicum.

Average overall GPA of 31 graduates: 3.505

Admissions Requirements

  • At least 21 years of age by the time of enrollment in the on-site practicum course.
  • Documentation of high school graduation or alternative high school credential.
  • Reading and writing competency at a college level as shown by high school GPA of 2.7 within the past 10 years, Accuplacer assessment or completion of a college composition class.

Graduation Requirements and Pathways

Visit BCC's Cannabis Industry College Catalog

Prepared by foundational courses in business, communication, biopsychology, and horticulture, students will receive specific training through cannabis related labs and lectures and an accompanying practicum at Berkshire Roots, BCC's educational cannabis industry partner.


Students who graduate with the certificate in this new program can find employment in the Berkshires at positions that include:

  • Assistant grower
  • Cannabis consultant
  • Cannabis retail associate/ general manager
  • Dispensary associate/ agent/ assistant manager
  • Infusion manufacturing associate
  • Patient advocate
  • Post-harvest associate
  • Processing technician/trimmer
  • Production technician
  • Many other job titles

Visit Berkshire Roots, a vertically-integrated cannabis dispensary in Pittsfield, Massachusetts. At their flagship location at 501 Dalton Avenue, Berkshire Roots cultivates, processes, packages and sells premium cannabis products to medical patients and adult-use customers.

VA Benefits Policy Advisory

  • Policy Advisory: Cannabis Industry Certificate VA Benefits Use

    Veterans Affairs (VA) Education Service (EDU) Policy Advisory:

    Because marijuana remains illegal at a federal level, Congress has not provided any exception for students seeking to use their VA educational benefits on courses involving the cultivation, sale, or distribution of marijuana, and to be consistent with VR&E, EDU will prohibit a student from using VA educational benefits for such courses. This prohibition includes programs in states in which either the recreational or medicinal use of marijuana is legally permissible.

    This includes BCC's Cannabis Industry Certificate program.

    Read the full policy disclosure (PDF)