Pre-Professional Transfer Option (A.S.)

Pre-Professional Transfer Program Overview

The Pre-Professional Transfer Option is designed for students who are tracking toward a career in rapidly expanding professional healthcare fields. The option provides a foundation for transfer to a four-year institution’s Baccalaureate Health Science program. Students should consult an academic advisor about career opportunities and transfer requirements for specific institutions and transfer articulations with various college Health Science programs.

Admission Requirements

Students who enroll in the Associate in Science Health Science: Pre-Professional Transfer Option must fill out an application and have a high school transcript (or equivalent).

Reading and writing competency at a college level as shown through the Accuplacer assessment, or by completion of a college composition class.

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Frank Schickor, Program Advisor

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  • Expected Outcomes

    Graduates of this program should be able to:

    • Demonstrate knowledge and skills in foundational sciences;
    • Demonstrate critical thinking and problem solving skills; and
    • Transfer to a four-year institution to complete prerequisite curriculum for potential admission into programs such as (but not limited to): Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Physician's Assistant Studies, Pharmacy, Chiropractic Medicine, Health Science Research, etc.