Culinary Arts (Certificate)

BCC Culinary Arts students

Culinary Arts Program Overview

The Culinary Arts program prepares students for direct employment in the culinary arts industry. Students gain theoretical and hands-on experience related to both cooking and baking, through a variety of courses that reinforce the learning experience and prepare you for a career in entry-level and advanced positions. The program's curriculum includes gaining real-world experience by training at college and through culinary internship opportunities.

There are many food service jobs available at minimum wage, but in order to achieve a higher level of pay, employers are looking for a higher level of worker — one who is educated and has a strong work ethic. BCC can offer you the opportunity to learn these skills.

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  • Expected Outcomes

    Graduates of this program should be able to:

    • Demonstrate proficiency in knife skills;
    • Describe the five mother sauces;
    • Follow a recipe;
    • Increase and reduce a recipe for variously-sized parties;
    • Construct a balanced and nutritional meal;
    • Gain knowledge of breakfast cookery;
    • Demonstrate an understanding of food cost and food cost control;
    • Demonstrate an understanding of labor cost and labor cost control;
    • Gain an understanding of the principles of baking;
    • Gain an understanding of the principles of garde manger and pantry;
    • Gain knowledge of the basics of cooking with wine;
    • Demonstrate proficiency in food preparation;
    • Demonstrate proficiency in plate presentation;
    • Gain knowledge of food sanitation and safety;
    • Gain knowledge of food allergy awareness; and
    • Possess the knowledge and skills to transition into hospitality administration career associate degree.