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New Recording Studio Opens at BCC

Large enough to accommodate a choir or a big band, yet intimate enough for small group recordings

The Berkshires has long been a haven for creative professionals, including a wide variety of musicians. In the spirit of keeping that legacy alive, Berkshire Community College (BCC) recently completed construction of a new recording studio in the Koussevitzky Arts Center.

The studio was a long time coming. It’s an amazing space that will transform the Music Production Certificate program, the college as a whole, and the community,” said Ellen Cooper Shanahan, Ph.D., Professor of Music and Department Chair, Fine & Performing Arts. “It will support the training of future and current professional musicians in the Berkshires.” Shanahan explained that the studio will eventually be available for use by members of the public.

BCC is in the planning stages of building a curriculum around the new studio, including credit and non-credit courses and workshops. A new certificate program, similar to the Music Production Certificate, will equip students to work in home studios, professional settings or prepare to transfer to four-year recording programs.

Measuring approximately 50 x 30 feet, the studio is “large enough to accommodate a choir or a big band, yet intimate enough for small group recordings,” said Jeffrey Link, Adjunct Faculty, Music.

Equipment in the new space includes:

  • A 27-inch Apple iMac loaded with ProTools, the industry standard recording program used worldwide
  • A state-of-the-art Midas 32-channel mixing board, which integrates with ProTools
  • A full array of professional microphones and stands
  • Seven Behringer powerplay personal mixers, used by artists while recording
  • A full set of studio monitors for mix-down and playback
  • Several instruments, including a Yamaha MX88 keyboard, Roland guitar amps and a GK bass amp