Computers for Students

Technical Requirements and Recommendations

Students will have the best online/hybrid course experience using a computer purchased within the last 2-3 years, running current Windows or Mac operating systems, and with at least 4 gigabytes of RAM. Built-in or external computer speakers or headphones and a webcam may be needed, so please check with your instructor about specific course requirements.

NOTE: Chromebooks, tablets, cell phones and other mobile devices are not recommended for academic work.  These devices  typically do not have adequate processing power or access to the necessary software and may significantly impact your ability to successfully complete your work.

NOTE: Windows 10 S Mode is also problematic as you cannot install the full version of Office 365, Zoom, and other software you may need for your coursework.

Laptop Purchasing

Students that qualify can use their financial aid towards the purchase of a laptop.  The Student Financial Services Office can approve an advance of your aid up to $800 for a laptop purchase if it is required for a course you are taking.

You will need:

  • Signed statement explaining the need for the purchase 
  • Copy of the course syllabus citing the item(s) needed
  • Computer printout or register receipt documenting the cost of the purchase(s)

Download Form

Students may purchase their laptop anywhere so long as they provide a register receipt.  Students will be responsible for any costs exceeding the approved advance amount.    

For questions about purchasing a laptop using your financial aid, please contact the Student Financial Services Office.

For questions about technology, such as if a specific laptop would meet the technical requirements, please contact the Digital Commons.

For students who are not able to purchase a computer or do not have reliable Internet access, the BCC Computer Labs are available for use.