Drone Flight Authorization Request

This form must be completed and submitted at least 48 hours before any drone / UAS flights on the BCC campus.

If you are participating in BCC's Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems program, please download and complete the Program Participant Agreement

If you are a contractor or other third party operating a drone on campus on behalf of BCC, please download and complete the Memorandum of Understanding form.

Please note that these forms are separate from an individual flight request, and must be on file with BCC before you fly.

Pilots: please give us some basic information about who you are, and the purpose of your requested drone / UAS flight.

Last Name

First Name

Email address

Phone Number

What's your affiliation with Berkshire Community College?

Please enter your FAA Remote Pilot Certificate number

Next, we need some details about your plan for the flight you're requesting.

Purpose of Flight

Flight Area

Date of Requested Flight

Start Time of Requested Flight

End Time of Requested Flight

Next, we need to know more about what you plan to fly, and where.

Drone Manufacturer

Drone model (e.g., "Phantom 4," "Mavic 2 Pro," "Parrot Anafi," etc.)

Weight of UAS

Drones greater than 250g / .55 lbs MUST have an FAA registration number. Please put "N/A" if you are flying a drone that weighs less than 250g / .55 lbs.

Collision Detection System?

Operators are required to complete the state participant or third party-waiver forms before piloting a UAS on BCC's campus, or before performing an operation with BCC equipment off campus.

Operators are expected to carry their FAA authorization on their person while piloting a UAS.

Required Forms or Waivers

Authorization Documentation

Off-campus flights and flight safety

Operators are responsible for obeying local air-traffic laws. We encourage you to research intended sites of operation in order to identify nearby no-fly-zones. You may be responsible for any fines incurred through failure to comply.

Traffic Laws and No-Fly Zones