October 27, 2021: Power is restored on BCC's main campus and campus operations have resumed. 


The Career Vocational Technical Education Initiative

CVTE Linkage Initiative

The Career Vocational Technical Education (CVTE) Linkage Initiative at Berkshire Community College (BCC) works with local high schools to provide a smooth transition for high school career vocational students into higher-ed programs of their choice.

The overarching goal of the CVTE Linkage Initiative is to "link" high school career and technical programs with related programs at BCC. Students in aligned programs may be able to receive college credit for some of their high school coursework upon entering BCC under the terms set between the College and their high school.

Contact Us

CVTE Linkage Coordinator
Addie VanDeurzen

Telephone: 413-236-2180
Email: avandeurzen@berkshirecc.edu

Students and/or parents may also contact their high school guidance counselor or their program teacher.

Students who have completed one of the following high school programs might be eligible for college credit:
Frequently Asked Questions
  • How do I know if I am eligible?

    The best way to figure out if you are eligible is to contact the CVTE Linkage coordinator at BCC to discuss your experience and next steps.

    Basic Eligibility Requirements

    • In general, students need to have earned a minimum of a B in the high school course/program (80-83, depending on the agreement) and a minimum of a C overall high school GPA (70-73, depending on the agreement.
    • Some agreements require a certification (CISCO or Microsoft for example) and/or a recommendation from their high school teacher.
    • Some articulation agreements are covered under one of the statewide articulation agreements and others are local arrangements.
    • A current articulation agreement must be on file. Local articulation agreements need to be renewed annually.
    • Students must enroll and matriculate into a program of study within 12-24 months of high school graduation (depending on the agreement).